Pacaso Access program

Terms & conditions

The $1,000 one-time enrollment fee for Pacaso Access is non-refundable. Pacaso Access benefits are available for the life of the program. Pacaso Access participants who enroll in the program at least 30 days before purchasing their Pacaso will receive a closing cost credit based on the amount of ownership purchased: $2,500 closing credit for ⅛ ownership, $5,000 closing credit for ¼ ownership, $7,500 closing credit for ⅜ ownership, or $10,000 closing credit for ½ ownership.

Pacaso Access participants who use the app but do not pay the enrollment fee are not eligible for the credit. Participation in Pacaso Access does not grant any ownership interest in any Pacaso Home and does not guarantee the participant will be able to buy a share in any given Pacaso Home. Pacaso Access is subject to change or termination without notice at the sole discretion of Pacaso, Inc.

Participants who pay the enrollment fee will also receive communication from Pacaso which enables them to receive app and email notifications for new listings and resales in active markets.