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Whether you want to sell your entire holiday home, or sell or transfer your Pacaso ownership, we have competitive and flexible options for you.

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Choose what suits you best

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    Consistent income

    Get paid a 10% annualized return. You get quarterly interest payments with a return of the principal at the end of the two-year term.

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    Get the best price (1)

    Diversify your portfolio without the commitment of owning property.

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    Low-risk investing

    Apply for financing through our banking partners. We facilitate the process, so it’s fast and simple.

Unlock luxury real estate

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Few purchase classes are as reliable and fulfilling as real estate. In today's macroeconomic environment, we believe Pacaso is  well-positioned to deliver a stable return. Our investment offering lets you invest in our collection of high-quality homes in desirable locations with none of the hassles of owning property.

Invest in the gold standard

Our investment opportunity is grounded by the outstanding credit quality of our owners and buyers, with average credit scores of 780+, annual incomes of over $1M, and no history of payment defaults in the three years Pacaso has done business.

Investing FAQs

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