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Soak up 300+ days of sunshine in South Florida! Fort Lauderdale is a popular second home destination for those who never want to run out of things to do. Spend sunny days beachcombing, fishing, hiking or spotting outdoor murals. When evening arrives, you’ll find endless dining and entertainment options. Two of Fort Lauderdale’s most popular second home destinations are just minutes from each other. Choose to live alongside the long span of beachfront that runs north from downtown. Or enjoy waterfront living among the city’s unique navigable canals.

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      Co-own 1/8 to 1/2 of your second home with a small group of vetted owners. We handle the details. You just sit back and enjoy your new Pacaso!

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      If you think your home would be a perfect fit for Pacaso, we will pay a premium for part (or all), of your amazing single-family home.