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A better way to buy and own a second home

How Pacaso works

Fully managed LLC co-ownership

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    Check out our wow-worthy, single-family homes in top second home destinations. Or tell us where you’d like to own so we can help find “the one.” You decide how much to own, from ⅛ to ½.

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    We set up an LLC designed for co-ownership. We find vetted co-owners and manage sales details; owners are anonymous. At closing, LLC co-owners enjoy 100% ownership.

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    We take care of everything – interior design, home repairs, bill pay and property management. Scheduling is easy and equitable using our owner app and SmartStay technology.

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Own the joy

Pacaso’s leaders are ex-Zillow execs with a new mission: Enrich lives by making second home ownership possible for more people. Thanks to our fully managed LLC co-ownership model, we make ownership easy so you can just show up and enjoy.

Our Story

Forget timeshares

Pacaso HomeResort Timeshare
Property TypeSingle-family residenceHotel/Condo
Asset OwnedReal estate propertyRight-to-use time
UsageOngoing accessFixed week
Resale ApproachMarket pricing; sell with agentSet pricing; sell with resort

Pacaso is true homeownership, not a resort timeshare. Owners purchase a residential real estate property asset and then enjoy ongoing access to the home throughout the year. Resale is streamlined, and done in partnership with a local real estate agent at a price set by the seller.

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