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There are currently 1 co-owned luxury homes for sale in Cape Cod, MA on Pacaso. Click on listings to see videos, photos, amenities, price, or to schedule a tour with our sales crew.

The average price of a co-owned second home in Cape Cod, MA with Pacaso is $1,255,000.

Common amenities in Cape Cod, MA are Bunk room, Cabana, and Covered deck.

Let us tell you why Cape Cod, MA is the right market for you

Coastal Massachusetts is simply stunning, and Cape Cod puts the best of this area on display. A 65-mile-long hook-shaped peninsula, Cape Cod features multiple towns and villages, each with its own charms. Where will you set down roots? A multitude of options abound across the Upper Cape, Mid-Cape, Lower Cape and Outer Cape. Choose from historic Chatham, fun-filled Provincetown, small-town Dennis, family-friendly Brewster or the beaches of Hyannis (which offer easy access to postcard-worthy Nantucket).

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