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Local impact

Enriching the neighborhood

Pacaso owners support thriving, diverse communities.

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Pacaso Owners

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    While second home ownership has traditionally been accessible for the elite few, Pacaso owners are organically diverse - in race, age and LGBTQ+ status.

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    Many second homes sit vacant much of the year. Pacaso owners use their home and support the local economy throughout all seasons.

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    Just like their neighbors, Pacaso owners make large financial investments in their homes and have pride of ownership.

Owners, not renters, next door

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Forget short-term renters. Pacaso serves owners only, who return to their home throughout the year and bring an owner’s mindset to their use and care of the property. All owners agree to Pacaso’s policies, which prohibit rentals and large events or parties.

Owner Code of Conduct

Supports housing affordability

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Growing second home demand is increasing pressure on housing inventory needed by the local workforce. Pacaso gives second home buyers a better option than a whole home, redirecting them away from critically needed middle-tier homes.

Boosts local businesses

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Unlike second homes that sit vacant much of the year, Pacaso and Pacaso owners support local businesses year-round. Pacaso employs between 8-10 local businesses to care for and maintain each property, such as real estate agents and property managers, and Pacaso owners patronize local businesses disproportionately impacted by Covid-19, such as restaurants and retail shops.

Connect with us

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Have questions about a Pacaso in your community? We have a dedicated team available to address neighbor questions or concerns. Email us at, or check out our Neighbor FAQs.

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