Helping communities thrive

Pacaso owners are families, neighbors and local business supporters.

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Enriching the neighborhood

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    Families next door

    Your Pacaso neighbors are families, not corporations. Owners, not renters. Together, they own 100% of their home.

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    Diverse experiences

    Owners are families who bring diversity to communities. 25% of Pacaso owners identify as people of color or LGBTQ+.

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    Economic benefits

    Just like their neighbors, Pacaso owners make large financial investments in their homes and support local businesses.

Part of the community

No one benefits when homes are empty. Pacaso co-owners use their homes year-round, supporting local businesses and building community connections. 

Owners, not renters

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Forget short-term renters. Pacaso serves homeowners and their families. They are invested in their home and bring an owner’s mindset to their use and care of the property. All owners agree to Pacaso’s policies, which prohibit rentals and large events or parties.

Supporting the local economy

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Most second homes sit vacant 10-11 months each year. Pacaso homes are fully utilized, meaning owners and their families are patronizing local shops and restaurants in all seasons. In addition, Pacaso employs around 10 local businesses, such as real estate agents, landscapers and property managers, to care for and maintain each property.

Reducing competition for homes

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As demand for second homes continues to rise, vacation communities across the U.S. are struggling with housing shortages and higher home prices. Pacaso helps to relieve this pressure by consolidating eight buyers into one luxury home, removing them from competition for moderately priced homes needed by the local workforce.

Connect with us

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Have questions about a Pacaso in your community? We have a dedicated team available to address neighbor questions or concerns. Email us at, or check out our Neighbor FAQs.