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Whether you want to transfer or sell your Pacaso ownership, or sell us your whole second home, we have competitive and flexible options.

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Pacaso Home Transfer Benefit

More joy, less risk

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Start making memories in your second home today — with no regrets. The Pacaso Home Transfer Benefit™ gives you the ultimate in flexibility and peace of mind: If your Pacaso isn’t a perfect fit, you can transfer ownership to a home that’s a better match for your needs or lifestyle within the first year of ownership.

There’s no fee or extra closing period. If you transfer to a more expensive home, you simply pay the difference in share price. If you transfer to a less expensive home, you receive a credit toward future operating expenses.

Resale made simple

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Pacaso makes it easy to own a second home, and we make selling simple too. After 12 months of ownership, you are eligible to sell at any time at the price you choose.

Resale is fast and streamlined with our established marketplace of interested buyers. In many cases, homes are sold without the need for listing. If we don’t have an active buyer waiting, your ownership will be marketed broadly on Pacaso and third-party real estate sites. As with any home sale, any equity gained is yours.

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    Get top dollar

    We work with active sellers and pre-market listings, and our offers are very competitive.

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    Close quickly

    We are a qualified buyer with a streamlined closing process. We partner with agents and pay generous commissions.

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    Right-size your ownership

    Not ready to leave? Keep the amount of ownership that’s right for you, from ⅛ to ½, and tap into your home’s liquidity.

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We buy high-end, turnkey homes in top second home destinations. See if your home qualifies.

Meet Jay and Michael

Pacaso's first selldown owners

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"We just didn’t like the idea of the home sitting empty and we don’t want to give it up. A home this special is something that should be shared."

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