Grow your business and start earning more

Are you an innovative agent looking to close more deals? Learn how to boost your business and earn 3% referral commission through second home sales!

Agent Playbook

Your 2-week action plan

Playbook for agents

Week 1

  • Grow your second home ownership expertise
  • Perfect your Pacaso pitch
  • Mine your database
  • Reach out to your contacts

Week 2

  • 3 ways to promote Pacaso to your network
  • Tour Pacaso listings with your active buyers
  • Refer a buyer

How we boost your business

  • icon buy

    4% referral commission

    You earn 4% referral commission, based on the share price, when you bring a buyer. Have multiple buyers interested in the same Pacaso? Get paid a referral commission on the sale of each share.

  • Home and hand icon

    We handle the details

    It's even easier than a referral – you arrange the buyer introduction, and we take care of the rest! From organising viewings and answering client questions, to managing surveys, contract, conveyancing and exchange, Pacaso does all the legwork.

  • icon contract

    Get paid faster

    Collect your commission as soon as completion happens. With our limited company co-ownership structure, a share can be sold in as little as one day.

Referral equity program

Equity for closed sales

Person looking at documents

Tap into Pacaso’s growth with equity rewards. Our incentive program rewards agents with Pacaso stock on top of their 3% referral commission when they close a buy-side sale.

Best of all, you don't have to register or enroll. Your equity bonus is automatically applied!


Pacaso basics

Mission statement for webinar

Working with second home buyers and introducing them to co-ownership can help you expand your reach. Join our 15-minute Pacaso webinar to learn how you can earn 4% referral commission representing buyers, ways to share Pacaso with your database, and more.

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