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Sell to Pacaso for a premium

Are you using your second home less than 16 weeks each year? Right-size your ownership and sell all (or part) of your home to Pacaso. Yes, you read that correctly! Our fully-managed LLC co-ownership program makes it possible to sell ownership interest in your home, ranging from 50% to 100%.

We are looking for high-quality, turnkey homes in second-home markets. Find out if your home qualifies!


Sell us your jaw-dropping property

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    Get the best price

    We work with active sellers and pre-market listings, and our offers are very competitive.

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    Complete with ease

    We are a qualified buyer with a streamlined completion process. We partner with agents and pay generous commissions.

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    Decide the level of ownership that suits you best

    Not ready to leave? Keep the amount of ownership that’s right for you, from ⅛ to ½.

What makes a Pacaso?

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Pacaso's are single-family homes with a “wow” factor – the thing of dreams and social posts. Ideal homes are a mix of luxury and liveability, and offer amenities like pools, beach access or views. The homes are move-in ready and don’t need major repairs. They’re in regional second home markets, a doable drive from major metro areas. Most buyer demand is for homes two to three times higher than the area’s median home value.

meet jay

Pacaso's first selldown owner

"We just didn’t like the idea of the home sitting empty and we don’t want to give it up. A home this special is something that should be shared."

Seller FAQs

  • Why would I sell part of my home to Pacaso?

  • How does the home sale and purchase process work?

  • What work is needed to prep for a sale?

  • How do you find buyers to purchase shares in my home?

  • How are prospective owners evaluated?

  • What happens to my furniture when I sell part of my home?