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3 Beds3 Baths120 sq m

Lakes by Yoo, Claydon, The Cotswolds, Lechlade GL7 3DT United Kingdom

Lakes by Yoo, Claydon, The Cotswolds, Lechlade GL7 3DT United Kingdom

About this home
The Cotswolds are rightfully considered one of the most picturesque and classic areas of the English countryside, well worthy of its designation as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The rolling hills, stone-built villages and winding, sylvan lanes are quintessentially English and a rejuvenating retreat from the stresses of London life.

This property is not the typical country cottage: It’s a 3-bedroom, 3-full bathroom apartment built on a lake with terraces over the water and a suite of amenities to make country living as effortless as possible. The resort-like features include an indoor pool, gym, spa, dining, dry cleaning, babysitting, housekeeping, and even a personal chef, as well as 24/7 security front gate and concierge. All three bedrooms have en suite bathrooms and access to lakeside decks for relaxing, sunning, and taking in the fresh country air — a perfect, tranquil sanctuary to serve as an antidote to hectic, everyday urban life, yet only 90 minutes from London.

As you’d expect, it’s fitted out to the very highest specifications, with no expense spared to ensure the highest level of comfort and luxury. To cap it all, it’s also only 45 minutes from the archetypal urban getaway of Soho Farmhouse. more
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We used market data to estimate the cost of turning this home into a Pacaso, which includes a full design makeover, LLC formation, and finding qualified owners.

Purchase PriceWhole property: £1,500,000£187,500
Upgrades, Taxes, and CompletionInterior design, furnishings, inspection & applicable taxes£64,375
Pacaso Service FeeBuyer aggregation & legal£41,375

Estimated 1/8 Ownership44+ nights per year£293,250

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Courtesy of - Kate Mason, The Lakes by Yoo

Whole home list price: £1,500,000