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  • How does Pacaso compensate real estate agents?

  • I have a buyer interested in a Pacaso. What's the next step?

  • I’m unfamiliar with the Pacaso process. How does it compare to a whole home sale?

  • How do you keep me in the loop on the transaction?

  • What is the Agent Referral Dashboard?

  • What happens after I submit a referral?

  • Is commission paid on the whole home price or the share price?

  • Can I earn commissions on sales outside of my market?

  • Do I have to wait until all shares of the home are sold to get paid?

  • I have a listing that would be a great Pacaso. How do I share it with you?

  • I want to represent Pacaso as a listing agent. Are you looking for new agent partners?

  • I want to promote Pacaso to my network. What do you recommend?

  • What is a Prospect listing?

  • My listing is displayed as a Prospect. Will you be making an offer on it?

  • How does Pacaso get their second home listings?

  • Does having my listing on Pacaso impact how it appears on other websites?

  • Are you displaying all the homes in an area?

  • What if I have a client interested in selling part of their home to Pacaso?

  • Pacaso is not in my market. How can I work with you?

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