Referral Equity Program FAQs

Get all the details about Pacaso's innovative rewards program for closed buyer referrals.

General program information

  • What is the Referral Equity Program?

  • Is there a cap on the equity I can earn?

  • Will I earn more equity if a buyer purchases more ownership?

  • How will the stock be priced?

  • How is the equity being granted?

  • What markets are you in?

  • How do I track my equity bonuses?

  • What will my shares be worth when the company goes public?

  • What if Pacaso never goes public?

  • What is a restricted stock unit?

  • Why is the company granting RSUs instead of equity options?

  • What are the tax implications?

  • Can Pacaso terminate or modify the REP?

  • Where can I get more information about the Referral Equity Program?

Agent questions

  • Who is eligible to participate in the equity program?

  • Will I still be paid commission?

  • Can I skip my commission check and instead be paid with 100% equity?

  • Is this program available to agents who bring Pacaso listings?

  • I sold a Pacaso in the past. Is this program retroactive?

Owner questions

  • How do I submit a referral?

  • Are there any other referral perks for owners?

  • Will you be offering a future friends/family funding round?

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