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Top five Pacaso scheduling myths debunked

Ashley Rappa

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One of the biggest benefits of Pacaso second home ownership is time. Time spent away from it all, with people you care about, in a place you own and love. 

Pacaso CEO Austin Allison is here to address some of the most common misconceptions about booking time in your second home.

Myth: Co-ownership makes it complicated

Pacaso’s SmartStay™ system makes scheduling easy, flexible and equitable. With two types of stays to choose from — general and short-notice — owners can see availability in real time to book the time they want, whenever they want. SmartStay was created to streamline scheduling behind the scenes so owners have more control.

Austin’s take: “We’ve created an innovative owner app that you can download on iOS or Android that enables you to book time in your home with as little as two days notice or as much as 24 months. On the back end, the system was built with a series of rules and algorithms that distribute those requests and the time equitably across the ownership group.”

Myth: Getting holidays is hard

Owners of a single ⅛ share can hold six general-stay, including a “special date” holiday, and several short-notice stays throughout the year. Owners can book one special date stay per share up to 24 months in advance. 

Austin’s take: “Almost every single person that hears about Pacaso for the first time says: Isn’t everybody going to want to use the home on the 4th of July? But because all co-owners are different, with different travel preferences and life situations, we haven’t seen that happen. SmartStay’s equitable system makes scheduling easy, and it means everyone gets a fair bite of the apple.”

Myth: It’s scheduled like a resort timeshare

Pacaso’s scheduling system is responsive and real-time, enabling owners to enjoy their second home multiple times throughout the year. Resort timeshares often have fixed scheduling limitations, relying on a draft process or priority ranking to secure a week in a hotel room or condo just once a year.

Austin’s take: “The reality is that people don’t plan every week of their year in advance, which is what timeshares typically require. Pacaso co-ownership strikes this nice balance of having flexibility while also giving people the certainty to secure dates that are important to them. That’s what Pacaso offers, because we know the rigid structure of resort timeshares and other fractional offerings is not reflective of how people actually live and travel.”

Myth: The dates you want are hard to get

We limit the number of co-owners to a maximum of eight, so owners can use their home six-plus weeks per year per share. A diversified co-ownership group means people naturally gravitate towards different date preferences, and SmartStay makes securing the stay you want simple and straightforward. 

Austin’s take: “People come to Pacaso co-ownership with different innate travel preferences. When you layer in seasonal considerations and the realities of life, not everyone can or wants to travel at the same time. Layer that on top of the really dynamic and sophisticated SmartStay software we’ve built, and scheduling is a breeze.”

Myth: Scheduling can’t be spontaneous

Sometimes you just have to get away from it all. This is why the SmartStay system shows availability in real time — if the home is free to use, you’re free to book it as little as two days in advance. It’s flexibility at your fingertips, using SmartStay on the Pacaso owner app.

Austin’s take: “We created Pacaso to take the stress out of second-home ownership, and we recognize that most traveling is more ad hoc for second-home owners. You could be hanging out with a friend at dinner and talking about your lake house, and you can schedule something six weeks out. Or it’s a Tuesday afternoon and you’re thinking about the weekend and you check the app and see your place is open. You can book it then and go up with as little as two days' notice. No problem. It’s designed to work for how you live.”

Pacaso’s SmartStay system is a streamlined system that makes scheduling easy, flexible and equitable. Have more scheduling questions? Read our FAQs.

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