Selling FAQs

Get answers to common questions about selling your whole home to Pacaso and transferring or reselling your Pacaso ownership.

How to sell your second home to Pacaso

Sell all or part of your second home to Pacaso, and let us take care of the management and upkeep.

Selling part of your home

  • Why would I sell part of my home to Pacaso?

  • How does the home sale process with Pacaso work?

  • What work is needed to prep for a sale?

  • How do you find buyers to purchase shares in my home?

  • How are prospective owners evaluated?

  • What happens to my furniture when I sell part of my home?

  • Does Pacaso need to sell all the shares of the home before I can start using it?

  • What happens if I want to sell in a few years?

Ownership transfer and resale

  • How does ownership transfer work?

  • Can I transfer ownership to another Pacaso at any time?

  • Can I transfer ownership more than once?

  • Does Pacaso charge a transfer fee?

  • Does my ownership transfer immediately, or do I have to wait for my original share to be resold?

  • How will an ownership transfer affect my available stay nights?

  • I want to transfer my ownership to a less expensive home. How does that work?

  • I want to transfer my ownership to a more expensive home. How does that work?

  • Can I finance the price difference if I transfer to a more expensive home?

  • How does transferring ownership affect my taxes?

  • How does Pacaso resale work?

  • Can a Pacaso owner really choose any sale price for their share?

  • Can buyers negotiate the sale price an owner has set?

  • What happens if my share isn’t selling?

  • Are there closing costs, commissions or other transaction fees for Pacaso owners who sell their shares?

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