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3 Beds4 Baths3,514 sq ft
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This is a unique opportunity to build your new home in the coveted Alexander Valley and save time on the long permitting process. This approximately 3 acre lot could be ready to build almost immediately after closing. Permits for an approximately 3,514 sq.ft. home with 4 bedrooms, an approximately 558 sq.ft. pool house, 3 car garage, pool with spa, cabana with outdoor kitchen are already underway. Offering includes vineyard, shared well, approved septic, grading and architectural plans. Architectural Renderings by Zimmerman and more

How we estimated this 1/8 share price

We used market data to estimate the cost of turning this home into a Pacaso, which includes a full design makeover, LLC formation, and finding qualified owners.

Purchase PriceWhole home: $7,500,000$937,500
Home Upgrades & ClosingInterior design, furnishings, inspection & title$61,000
Pacaso Service FeeBuyer aggregation & legal$119,500

Estimated 1/8 Ownership44+ nights per year$1,118,000

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Courtesy of - Matthew Bjorner, St. Helena Real Estate

Whole home list price: $7,500,000