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Our innovative and equitable SmartStay™ system lets owners book stays from 2 days to 24 months out. It’s real-time, with no fixed selection periods. And it’s all at your fingertips, using the Pacaso Owner App.

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"Who gets July 4th?"

Wondering about things like who gets the home on holidays? Using our SmartStay system, owners can book one “special date” holiday per share up to 24 months in advance. So if you don’t get a specific holiday this year, you can book it in the future. Cool, huh?

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Pacaso owners across the country love how easy it is to book stays in their home. Whether it's a short-notice booking for this weekend or a wedding anniversary the following year, SmartStay on the Pacaso Owner App makes it simple to schedule stays.

How scheduling works

What do you get for your share?

1/8th Share of Home1/4 Share of Home1/2 Share of Home
General Stay61224+
Special Date Stay124+
Max Stay Length142842
Annual stay night threshold4488176+

The real-time SmartStay algorithm supports both general and short-notice stays. As the owner of a single share, you have access to a minimum of 44 general stay nights within any 365-day window. That’s equal to a month and a half in your second home; there are no limits to short-notice stays. Stays can be booked anywhere from two days to 24 months in advance and can be from 2 to 14 nights long.

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Scheduling FAQs

  • How much time can I expect in my home?

  • Can I bring pets to the home?

  • Can owners rent out their time on Airbnb or similar sites?

Scheduling FAQs