Carmel home design tour: 4 playful Mid-Century Modern design elements

Published Date: November 2, 2022

Take a spin through Spindrift and you’ll see how Pacaso’s interior design team has transformed the Carmel split-level into a retreat filled with Mid-Century Modern warmth, whimsy and wonder. In this visual tour, we’ll highlight the Carmel home design and gain insights from our team.

1. Whimsical colors and rugs create an energetic vibe

Clean lines, muted tones, pops of color and indoor-and-outdoor motifs are hallmarks of Mid-Century Modern design, which the team thought suited the home. “Given the whimsical layout of the home, we strived to capture that fun energy,” says Lauren. This is seen throughout Spindrift, including the bedroom. The team incorporated a lattice-like wall covering, tones of burnt orange and olive green, a textured rug, wood fan and linework through the furnishings and wall art to make the room inviting. 

2. A workspace with bold decor

The Mid-Century Modern design direction carries into smaller areas  of the home, including the work space. “At Pacaso, our design philosophy is to take elements of design and create a middle ground,” says Lauren. The working area, in particular, has that classic Mid-Century Modern frame found in many homes, but adds interest and energy with the vases, decorative elements and colorful wall art. This creates a space that is bold and livable for all.

3. Tasteful lines and colors in in every room

In addition to creating a calming home, the design team wanted to keep owners and guests engaged. “We wanted the design to be colorful, but not loud. To do that, we experimented with colors and lines,” says Lynne Tocchet, Pacaso’s Director of Interior Design. This can be seen in the kitchen, where the team juxtaposed orange leather chairs with the iron fixtures and white cabinets. To complement the striations in the gray stone counters, the team installed a structured backsplash and paired it with a whimsical line painting, creating a sense of life and energy.

4. Mixing natural and manmade elements to complement the outdoors

Pacaso designers have showcased the forests and Pacific ocean encompassing Spindrift. “Our design approach was to meet the home where it was, and to keep that natural environment in sight at all times,” explains Pacaso Design Coordinator Lauren Farrell. Playing off of the home’s wooden structure and the views of greens and blues, the design team incorporated a mix of natural and manmade materials like cane, leather, wood and reeded materials. The goal is to create a space that is comfortable, calming and complementary to its surroundings.
Each Pacaso is designed with modern furnishings, decorative artwork and special touches to create a second home with livable luxury. Check out our listings, and find a beautifully furnished home that matches your lifestyle and preferences.

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