Behind the scenes: How Pacaso creates exceptional homes, every time

Published Date: November 15, 2023

 Open-plan living space with stylish glass sliding doors and modern furnishings
At Pacaso, we don't just provide you with a second home — we create a delightful living space that’s ready for you to start making memories the moment you arrive. Our onboarding team is dedicated to superior design and attention to detail, making your Pacaso ownership a truly remarkable experience. Get a behind-the-scenes look as we onboard Pacific Place in Corona Del Mar, California.
From installing unique art pieces to adding luxurious linens, we transform your home so your family has everything you need, and more. For Pacific Place, we installed:
  • 28 art pieces
  • 396 linens
  • 1,000 individual items selected and procured from 35+ vendors
"It takes a lot of intricate thought and detail, so you can fully enjoy your second home without having to lift a finger," said Lisa Christensen, Pacaso Home Onboarding Manager. "We think of everything, and that's one of the biggest benefits of being a Pacaso owner."Ready to experience the Pacaso lifestyle for yourself? Browse our listings and find your dream home.

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