A frequent traveler finds his “invisible unicorn” second home in California Wine Country

Published Date: January 5, 2023

Jason dreamed for years of owning a second home with his family. However, the thought of owning a second home didn't seem to be in the cards for him — until he came across Pacaso’s fully managed co-ownership model.

The right amount of time

Despite wanting to own a second home, Jason felt that a whole luxury second home didn’t make sense financially, especially as a frequent traveler. “For me, staying in one city exclusively was not going to be realistic since we love to travel, and we knew we wouldn’t use it enough to justify buying a whole home.”Pacaso, however, provided the perfect solution. “Co-owning a second home was perfect for us,” Jason shared. “This is all organized by Pacaso to do exactly what I wanted: Using a few weeks each year I could spend in a second home, and sharing that with seven other families at a fraction of the cost.”

Exceeding expectations

Before buying his Napa home, Jason had previously thought of co-owning a home in Colorado or Utah. “I wanted to find what I call an ‘invisible unicorn’ home in the mountains. And the reason I called it an ‘invisible unicorn’ home is that I didn't know where this place was going to be. All I wanted was something that had beautiful scenery and mountain views.”After losing out on bids on homes in Colorado, Jason then set his sights on Napa — a place he’s been visiting for over 20 years. “It’s a wonderful place for my family to enjoy now, and by investing in this area, I’m able to get a feel for what it would be like to live here full time, which is something I’m considering when I retire.”Jason’s Pacaso checked all the boxes for his “invisible unicorn” second home. “The mountain views are sitting right in my backyard,” Jason shared. “I was looking for a more quiet and serene type of environment, and this home exceeds my expectations. And now, we welcome all of our family or friends to join us anytime they want to.”

Part of the community 

In addition to having a spectacular gathering place, Jason wants to get the most out of his community, from enjoying morning walks in this neighborhood and going horseback riding to visiting favorite wineries and exploring surrounding areas. The best part? Getting to slow things down. “When we stay at our Pacaso, we don't need to cram everything into a weekend like when we travel,” Jason said. “I’m treating it more as my time to relax. It’s my second home, and I finally feel like a local.”Jason sees his Pacaso — and the ownership experience — as completely different from a timeshare or vacation rental. “We’re one of eight families sharing a home, in the same way that I could purchase a property and share it with seven of my other friends. We own this home, just like others own their homes. We're not just passing through. We’re here to establish friendships with our neighbors and our community.”

Make Napa your home away from home

When you become a co-owner of a Pacaso home, you enjoy hassle-free ownership at a place that truly feels like home. Check out our co-ownership listings in Napa and other dream destinations.

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Tony Huynh

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