These Pacaso owners live like locals in their dream Wine Country second home

Published Date: November 28, 2023

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Meghan and Chad had been thinking about buying a second home for their family of five to enjoy quality time together. However, concerns about upkeep, expenses and having enough time in their home held the couple back. “We didn't want to buy ourselves a job,” the couple shared. “We previously owned a second home, and we just felt like it wasn't getting used enough.” Pacaso’s fully managed co-ownership was the perfect solution. After working with the Pacaso team to find a home that checked all their boxes, Meghan and Chad own their dream family getaway in Healdsburg, the heart of Sonoma Wine Country. 

Ready from the get-go

While the couple originally wanted an escape during the pandemic, their Pacaso became much more: A consistent place where they can maximize their time and have everything ready to go. “When we arrive, the gates open and it just feels awesome,” Chad said. “Everything's totally dialed in, and we know how to work everything. The fun, relaxation and enjoyment all start immediately.”This familiarity is the biggest appeal of owning a second home. “Having to discover and troubleshoot a vacation rental, I think, takes 24 hours. With Pacaso, however, we get those 24 hours back to enjoy,” Meghan said about the turnkey experience. Plus, Pacaso’s scheduling makes it easy for the couple to even book last-minute escapes — with no extra cost.

Reselling their ownership

Another advantage of owning a Pacaso is the ability to sell. While Meghan and Chad started off owning 1/4 ownership of their home, they later upgraded their primary residence and adjusted their Pacaso home ownership to 1/8. “The resale process was extremely smooth,” Chad shared. “One of the typical anxieties that people have about Pacaso is, ‘Am I going to be able to get out of this?’ However, It was awesome because the transaction happened super quickly, and we got the money quickly.” Meghan added, “Thinking forward, if we have excess cash, we’d definitely consider using  it for a second Pacaso.”

Family fun, inside and out 

For Meghan and Chad, their second home provides everything they need for their family and more — like lemons their son picks from the beautiful trees to make lemonade and the wood-fired oven for baking homemade pizzas. “The home is amazing … it’s been a great place to bring family and friends together,” Chad said.The fun extends to Healdsburg itself where the couple enjoys Saturday evening dance parties in the plaza, shopping at farmer’s markets and delighting in local wine tastings. Their kids attend local camps and swim with local instructors. “I think we're super embedded in the community,” Meghan shared. “One of my goals in being up there was to really take advantage of the place — not as a tourist, but as a local.” 

Discover your home away from home

When you become a co-owner of a Pacaso home, you enjoy hassle-free ownership at a place that truly feels like home. Check out our co-ownership listings and other world-class second home destinations.

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