Artful at-home tips: Curating captivating spaces with Pacaso and Elizabeth Sutton

Published Date: August 24, 2023

Exterior of a Jackson, WY second home with an outdoor deck during the evening
At Pacaso, we consistently design breathtaking interiors that cater to discerning second home owners. Now our design team is taking that commitment to a new level by collaborating with acclaimed fine artist and award-winning designer Elizabeth Sutton.Sutton is creating bespoke artwork for several of Pacaso listings debuting this summer. These stunning properties stretch from the scenic landscapes of Jackson, Wyoming, to the coastal charm of Corona del Mar, California.Your home serves as a reflection of your personality, and nothing adds character and charm quite like artwork. So we asked Sutton and Pacaso's Head of Design, Lauren Farrell, to share their expertise to help you curate art for your home. Plus, we’ll share a bit more the design of West District, the newest Pacaso listing in Jackson. 

Flow and cohesion: Harmonize your layout

Selecting the right art for your home demands a mindful approach that factors in your home’s layout. Consider the visual connections between rooms, particularly in open spaces where walls are visible from different angles. The goal is to achieve a seamless and harmonious ambiance that flows effortlessly throughout your living spaces. “Art provides visual interest and weight, so learning how to balance the eye between pieces creates a natural path for the viewer to experience the art and the home,” explained Farrell.

Size and scale: Balance your walls

“It’s extremely important to pay attention to the wall size and artwork scale,” said Farrell. Consider the dimensions of your walls when choosing art, aiming for a balanced and visually pleasing display. Larger walls may call for substantial artworks, while smaller walls benefit from delicate pieces that add charm without overwhelming the space. 

Color decisions: Add your personal touch

Select are pieces that incorporate colors from your existing decor, such as throw pillows, lamps and vases. Custom commissions offer an opportunity to align your favorite colors and preferences with your chosen artwork, creating a beautiful and cohesive connection between your decor and art.
“The unique pieces I created in the Jackson Pacaso project exude sophistication with a masterful blend of blacks, browns and natural tones,” said Sutton. “The curation of artwork focuses on local landscapes, showcasing the awe-inspiring elements of nature that draw those enamored with the destination. Each piece is meticulously executed, with an array of mixed media originals and hand-embellished prints, chosen to embrace a color palette of muted tones that harmoniously integrates the wildlife of the setting, from majestic elk to bears and moose.”

Artistic diversity: Use multiple styles 

“Embrace artistic diversity within your home,” said Sutton “Pacaso and I used a mix of various textures and visual concepts within our several projects together, from the beach in California to the mountainside of Colorado.”  Ensuring that there are various styles within the collection of works while maintaining a sense of curatorial cohesion to add depth and intrigue to your living spaces is essential. From modeling paste and acrylic on wood, to gold leaf embellished prints in shadow boxes, combining elements and styles that resonate with you will result in a visually engaging environment while also stimulating emotional senses.
Scandinavian-inspired interior design
“With West District in Jackson, we created a captivating assortment of bespoke prints, and the artwork is thoughtfully presented on paper, acrylic, aluminum, canvas wrapped and gold leaf hand-embellished prints. I also created custom mixed media paintings on wood, to thoughtfully balance with the beautiful, natural cognac and charcoal tones within the furniture, providing an engaging visual experience to admirers.”

Wall space: Prioritize width

When working within a budget, the experts suggest you focus on maximizing the width of your wall space, as opposed to the height. Choosing wider and shorter art pieces can make a significant visual impact without stretching your finances. Opting for prints over originals helps stretch the budget as well. This approach ensures that your artwork is a prominent feature in your home.

Cost-effective art: Unleash your DIY creativity

For those seeking cost-effective yet artistic solutions, DIY art projects offer an exciting avenue for creativity, as well as calming effects for your mind. Experiment with striped patterns in various ombre colors or explore multi-color schemes for an easy option for beginners. Online tutorials found on YouTube can provide inspiration and guidance for bringing these DIY projects to life. 

Frames: Elevate your presentation

Framing plays a pivotal role in accentuating artwork and elevating its overall presentation. Sutton recommends exploring your framing and matting options and using a variety of frames. For Jackson Hole, we went classic with black, white, silver, and gold frames. We created custom, hand-embellished gold leaf shadow boxes to add an elegant and dimensional touch. Tailor the framing choices to suit different areas in your home, ensuring a cohesive and sophisticated art display.For an unexpected twist in your art display, consider framing pieces with colorful frames, and even colorful mats. This creative approach, as showcased in forthcoming Pacaso homes, transforms frames into integral components of the artwork.

Inside West District

West District is a modern new-construction condominium that draws its design inspiration from the breathtaking landscapes around Jackson. Thanks to expansive floor-to-ceiling windows, the home offers  stunning town and mountain views and is bathed in natural light — a perfect venue for original artwork by Elizabeth Sutton.
Pacaso's design team enlisted Sutton to produce one-of-a-kind artwork thoughtfully incorporating elements of the surrounding landscape. "In Elizabeth Sutton's art, the beauty of the great American West comes alive, elegantly intertwined with modern multi-media techniques, creating pieces that our owners will cherish for a lifetime," said Farrell. "We aimed to bring the essence of blue skies and majestic scenery within the comfort of the home."
To seamlessly bring the beauty of the outdoors into the living space, the Pacaso design team carefully selected the furnishings, materials, fabrics and decor. "Embracing the raw beauty of nature, we utilized modeling paste and gold leaf to create distinctive textures, while custom framing added an exquisite touch to the curated artwork," said Farrell. West District maximizes communal spaces, transforming the home to a haven for gatherings with family and friends. The open plan living area includes a cozy fireplace and dining table, while the sleek kitchen features Wolf and Sub-Zero appliances along with a dine/prep island. The private deck offers a hot tub and BBQ area, complemented by two large dining tables and two inviting sitting areas.The primary suite serves as a relaxing retreat, featuring an en suite bathroom with a double sink vanity and a wetroom equipped with a rain shower and soaking tub. In addition to a second bedroom, a third holds bunk beds for guests of all ages to enjoy.
Sutton's one-of-a-kind artwork is skillfully installed throughout West District to create a seamless flow, guiding guests from the entry to the living spaces and the bedrooms. The artful compositions maintain a homogeneous color palette while expertly exploring diverse textures, shapes, and captivating imagery in the prints."In the most significant spaces, the mixed media fine artworks hang, adding delightful dimensional and metallic elements to the artfully designed interiors," said Sutton. "The result is an elevated and sophisticated portrayal of Jackson Hole's natural wonders, leaving a lasting impression on all who are fortunate enough to behold it."

An Elizabeth Sutton limited edition framed art print could be yours

Enter to win an identical print of one of Elizabeth Sutton’s pieces commissioned for West District. The ‘Sing for Serenity’ neutral, pixelated geometric abstraction was commissioned to hang vertically in the entryway of the home. Just enter your information here. The giveaway runs from August 24, 2023, at 12:00 PM EDT and ends on September 10, 2023 at 11:59 PM EDT.

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