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Published Date: January 5, 2023

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Real estate agents have a new line of business to add to their portfolio: second home co-ownership. With Pacaso’s fully managed co-ownership program, agents can attract even more buyers — specifically, buyers who are dreaming about buying a second home but might not be able to afford or manage a whole property on their own.​​“Pacaso is really changing the game — not only for agents to sell homes to a wider audience but for the second home owner as well,” said Landon Clements, a real estate advisor for Engel & Völkers, an international firm operating in over 30 countries. 
Landon at Sea Scape
Landon Clements, Engel & Völkers, Los Angeles

A different approach to second home ownership

While demand for second homes is high, owning a whole second home is costly and impractical for most buyers. Pacaso’s model makes ownership accessible for more buyers who can come together, co-own a luxury home and enjoy it on their own time.“The right-sized ownership of Pacaso is a much better model, especially if buyers are not going to spend time in their second home for the whole year,” said Magnus Jennemyr from Engel & Völkers in Miami. “It’s a model where we can see increased appreciation.”With Pacaso, agents can help buyers purchase a dream second home that suits their needs and lifestyles. “If my clients are looking for their second home, I want to be able to help answer any questions,” said Dana Lund from Engel & Völkers in Miami. “Pacaso really does match-make for buyers.”
Miami Engel & Volkers agent
Magnus Jennemyr, Engel & Völkers, Miami

Rewards and opportunities for agents

A co-ownership model offers benefits for agents too. Agents earn a buy-side commission on each closed sale of a Pacaso — no matter the location of the buyer or the home — while Pacaso handles the work of inspections, escrow and reporting. “My job was to introduce my clients to the basics of the Pacaso model,” said Bruce MacIntire from Engel & Völkers in Telluride. “And then I hand them off, very easily, to the Pacaso sales team. To be paid a full 3% commission and do just the introductory part of the work — that’s a good way to go.” And it’s not just pitching to new clients — Pacaso’s co-ownership model can help strengthen existing relationships. “It’s been a very good reason for me to reach out to old clients to present something new,” said Landon. With Pacaso, agents can delight clients and deliver even more value.
E&V Telluride advisor
Bruce MacIntire, Engel & Völkers, Telluride

Easing friction and increasing enjoyment

The work and costs involved in maintaining, furnishing and managing a second home often deters buyers from purchasing a second home. Pacaso’s fully managed co-ownership model takes away these burdens.“Pacaso has thought of every nuance, every detail and every little idea that needs to be done,” said Lee Roufa from Engel & Völkers in Telluride. “They eliminate all the hassles and headaches of buying a second home.” A worry-free, accessible second home is a strong selling point for both buyers and agents. “To be able to come with your family or friends and make memories in a house that’s truly yours … the sky’s the limit on what we can do and what’s possible,” said Landon.
Telluride E&V Advisor
Lee Roufa, Engel & Völkers, Telluride

Exciting opportunities are on the horizon

As Pacaso strives to bring second home ownership to more people worldwide, there could be even more room for agents to grow their business. ​​“Now that Pacaso is also expanding internationally, I could reach out to our office in Spain and talk about it,” Dana said. “Having this global presence is an amazing, amazing thing.”Ultimately, Engel & Völkers advisors see co-ownership as a boon to the industry. “Pacaso is a game-changer, and it’s just in its infancy,” said Magnus. “It’s going to explode.”
Miami E&V Advisor
Dana Lund, Engel & Völkers, MiamiInterested in working with Pacaso to expand your services and win over clients? Check out our agent resources to get started.

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