‘Our listings are yours to sell’: How agents can make more money with Pacaso

Published Date: January 5, 2023

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As an agent, you look for ways to help your business to stand out and better serve your clients — especially during times of high demand and low inventory. Denver RE/MAX agent Lana Kuznetsova interviews Pacaso’s Vice President of Industry Relations Marnie Blanco about the uniqueness of the Pacaso co-ownership model and the many ways agents can generate more commissions with Pacaso’s second home listings.“This is just another way for agents to step up and grow their business even further, and it’s pretty easy,'' said Marnie. “We partner them with our sales team, and our sales team takes care of the transaction — quick close, quick payments for the agent. It’s easy to introduce it to your clientele and give them options.”Watch the interview to hear how agents can work with Pacaso and earn referral commissions.
Interested in working with Pacaso to expand your services and help more clients buy their second home? Check out our agent resources to get started.

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Tony Huynh

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