How a Seattle buyer feels like a VIP in her Palm Desert Pacaso

Published Date: January 17, 2023

Palm Springs couple
Owning a vacation home in the Palm Desert area was a longtime dream for Renee and her husband, Steve. The Seattle couple had been hoping to buy a home they could rent out to others when it wasn’t in use to help pay the mortgage, but pandemic-driven demand and local restrictions on short-term rentals made that difficult. During their home search, Renee happened to spot a co-ownership listing for a home at a higher price point than their original budget. "I thought to myself, if I could find a situation like co-owning, that would be so great," Renee said. The co-ownership listing was from Pacaso, and Renee had never heard of the company. “I looked it up, and it literally seemed too good to be true.” After researching Pacaso’s fully managed co-ownership model, Renee got the answers she needed to buy her dream second home with confidence.

Owning a home without the effort

Renee knows firsthand the work of maintaining another property — she and her husband own a second vacation home on their own. "When you own a home by yourself, you are 100% responsible for that home. I’m no stranger to having to show up on vacation and spend my first two days working because I’m getting the home ready," she said. "So what made Pacaso a no-brainer was that we didn't have to do anything. Everything is ready to go." With Pacaso, Renee and Steve can enjoy their Palm Desert retreat with no effort. Being part of a group of owners is another appealing aspect of Pacaso. "You don't want the home to be empty. You want other people to use the home because they keep an eye on things," Renee said. "I really like the idea of other people using the home when we aren't." Having co-owners occupying the home gives Renee and her husband a sense of ease and community.

Many ‘pinch me’ moments

It's not just about the ease of ownership — from the first stay, Renee and Steve were astounded by what their home offered. "Honestly, for the first 24 hours, we were a little dumbfounded. The home is so much more than we could afford on our own," Renee shared. "We are getting a five-bedroom house for the price of a two-bedroom condo … And this particular home — this particular design —  is just above and beyond. We pinched ourselves during the first day. This home is really ours!"The couple's home manager helps make their experience of owning special. “I don't want to stay at a vacation rental,” said Renee. "Our home manager helps remind us that we're not renting. This is our place, and we own it. The feedback that I'm getting from Pacaso is not, ‘Here's your house, goodbye.’ It’s more like, ‘We're here for you. Welcome.’ ”

Living in the present

Renee is thrilled about finally having a second home to enjoy with her loved ones. "My kids are all adults, and they all said that they're really excited.” Renee is excited about the company of her friends, too. "I had a girls' weekend here — it was very fun."The fun goes well beyond her desert oasis. "We love the location. It's close to nice shops and restaurants, and we're close to anything we want to do," said Renee. From day trips to Joshua Tree National Park and San Diego to local events like Palm Springs Modernism Week and the BNP Paribas Open, there's no shortage of activities to enjoy.And for Renee, a second home is all about living in the present and seizing those special moments. "I don't want to wait until I'm retired to have my little place in the desert. I want my little place in the desert now. I'm committed to going down there on a regular basis to get the sunlight that I need. And the relaxation that the desert affords, there's nothing like it." 

Make the desert your home away from home

Looking for your California desert oasis? When co-own a Pacaso, you enjoy hassle-free ownership at a place that feels like home. Check out our co-ownership listings in Palm Springs and other desirable locations.

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