Financing & payment FAQs

Get answers to common questions about Pacaso financing and payment options.

Financing FAQs

  • What are my options for financing?

  • Am I required to finance through Pacaso?

  • What down payment is required to purchase a share of a second home?

  • How quickly can I get approved?

  • What happens if one owner defaults?

  • Is the loan in my name?

  • Can I pay off my loan early?

  • How and when do I make my payments?

  • Is there a financing fee?

  • Can I pull out equity on my Pacaso share?

  • Who are your banking partners?

Cryptocurrency FAQs

  • Does Pacaso accept payment in crypto?

  • I want to purchase my Pacaso with crypto. How does the payment process work?

  • Do I have to use BitPay, or can I choose another crypto payment platform?

  • What cryptocurrencies can buyers transact in?

  • Are there additional fees when paying with crypto?

  • Can I split my payment between cash and crypto?

  • Can I use crypto for a down payment and finance the rest of my home purchase?

  • Can I pay my deposit in crypto? If I don’t end up purchasing, will my deposit be returned in crypto?

  • Can I pay monthly operating expenses with crypto?

  • If I sell my Pacaso, can I get paid in crypto?

  • Does paying in crypto impact my taxes?

  • Is BitPay a reliable platform?

  • Is my crypto wallet secure? How am I protected against theft?

  • Why is Pacaso interested in crypto?

  • Are you the first real estate marketplace to accept crypto?

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