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We manage the home, and you own it. It's the modern way to buy and own a second home.

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    Explore our collection of stunning single-family homes in top second home destinations. We'll help you find the perfect fit, and you decide how many shares you'd like to own.

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    We create a property LLC for each home, find and vet co-owners, and handle all the sales details. At closing, the co-owners enjoy 100% ownership of the home – Pacaso does not retain any shares.

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    We take care of furnishings, repairs, utilities and property management – you just show up and relax. Scheduling is easy and equitable with our app and SmartStay™ technology.

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Pacaso does all the work

We've developed smart technology to modernize and simplify the decades-old practice of DIY co-ownership. Watch our video to learn how buyers become Pacaso owners.

Dream home, dream location

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Pacaso specializes in top second home destinations within driving distance of major West Coast metros. Check out our markets, and if you don't see your favorite, tell us where we should expand next.

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Forget timeshares

Pacaso HomeResort Timeshare
Property TypeSingle-family residenceHotel/Condo
Asset OwnedReal estate propertyRight-to-use time
UsageOngoing accessFixed week
Resale ApproachMarket pricing; sell with agentSet pricing; sell with resort

With Pacaso, you own a home, not just a block of time. You can book stays throughout the year, not annually. And resale? It's streamlined in partnership with a local real estate agent, and you set the price.

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Easy, equitable scheduling

We created the real-time SmartStay system based on feedback from second home owners. Gone are fixed time periods, replaced by a flexible system that lets you book time in your home anywhere from two days to two years in advance.

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Take the next step in buying a second home. We're excited to help you turn this dream into a reality, and we're here to support you with all the information you need to make it happen.


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    Second homes are enriching the lives of Pacaso owners. Here’s what they’re saying.

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    With Pacaso, you aren’t just buying a home, you’re joining a local community. Learn how Pacaso owners help the neighborhood and local economy thrive.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

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    • How do I schedule time to use the home?

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