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How LLC co-ownership works

We've modernized and simplified the decades-old practice of DIY co-ownership. Watch our video to learn how owning property in a fully managed LLC allows you to enjoy the benefits of second home ownership without all the hassles.

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    Pacaso offers homes in some of the most sought-after second home destinations in the U.S. and Spain. Check out our current markets, and if you don't see your favorite, tell us where we should expand next.

    Resale made simple

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    Pacaso makes it easy to own a second home, and we make selling simple too. You are eligible to sell your ownership after 12 months, or at any time if your home is fully sold. You choose the price.

    Resale is fast and streamlined with our established marketplace of interested buyers. If we don’t have an active buyer waiting, your ownership will be marketed broadly on Pacaso and third-party real estate sites. As with any home sale, any equity gained is yours.

    Pacaso Home Transfer Benefit

    More joy, less risk

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    Start making memories in your second home today — with no regrets. The Pacaso Home Transfer Benefit™ gives you the ultimate flexibility: If your home isn’t a perfect fit, you can transfer ownership to another Pacaso that’s a better match for your needs within the first year of ownership.

    There’s no fee or extra closing period. If you transfer to a more expensive home, you simply pay the difference in share price. If you transfer to a less expensive home, you receive a credit toward future operating expenses. Conditions apply.

    Easy, equitable scheduling

    Pacaso’s SmartStay™ system makes scheduling simple and fair. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you can enjoy your home during the times that matter to you most, and the flexibility to books stays from two days to two years in advance.


    Second homes bring families together

    For many families, a second home is a special place to come together and create lasting memories. Hear how Pacaso is enriching the lives of owners.

    Become part of the community

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    With Pacaso, you aren’t just buying a home, you’re joining a local community. Learn how Pacaso owners help the neighborhood and local economy thrive.

    Frequently asked questions

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    • How are prospective owners evaluated?