Beach or city: Which escape is right for you?

Published Date: January 5, 2023

For some, there’s nothing better than a laid back holiday at the shore — sun, waves and miles of beach to explore. Others want their time off to be bursting with city charms — bustling shopping streets, new restaurants and museums to discover. Here’s our take on what makes both great destinations — plus, an option for creating your very own home away from home.

Why cities are the best

1. Food for all

Great cities mean great restaurants — from high-end fine dining establishments to cozy neighbourhood cafes. Avoid touristy hot-spot areas and spend some time scoping out restaurants that really deliver the goods.

2. Soak up the culture 

The rhythm and energy of a city are almost palpable, especially in a capital like London. The hustle and bustle of throngs of people going about their daily life mixes with a rich history and fascinating architecture. Even a short visit gives you a real sense of place.

3. See the sites 

Every city is home to must-see sites, and London is no exception, with Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, The London Eye, just to name a few. Check those off your to-do list if you’d like, but try exploring off the beaten path. Lesser-known pockets of any city may surprise and delight you.

4. Move like a local

Tube, bus, electric bike or scooter? With a wide selection of public transport on offer in most cities, exploring has never been easier. Moving like a local is also a great way to see the city in a different light. Whether you’re squeezing onto an overpacked tube at rush hour or cruising down a street with the wind on your face — there’s no wrong way to get around.

5. Ticket for one

A city break is the ideal trip if you want to spend some time on your own. Linger at an outdoor cafe with a new book, watch people in a city park or snag a ticket for a hot show. There’s plenty of entertainment on offer, and London — home to approximately 250 theatres — is a great place to watch productions such as “Les Misérables,” “The Phantom of the Opera” or edgy new work from an up-and-coming playwright. 

Why beach holidays are the best

1. More time to relax 

In our fast-paced lives, having dedicated time to switch off and do nothing is a true luxury. Life seems to slow down by the water, with nowhere to be but the beach. It’s much easier to fully relax and unwind with the sound of waves in the background.

2. Fun in the sun

The best beach holidays happen under sunny skies — and starry nights. With an average of 320 sunny days every year, Spain’s Costa del Sol or “sunshine coast” is an ideal year-round destination. 

3. Make a splash

Swimming, paddle boarding, kayaking, surfing or simply walking along the shore line —  a beach holiday is the perfect time to get active. In the summer months, the sea temperature in Marbella reaches the mid to high 20s, whilst over the winter it drops to a manageable 15 degrees. Spain, here we come!

4. Catch of the day

A beach holiday needn’t mean you forgo eating great local food. Many of Marbella´s beach restaurants serve right to sunbed, offering a wide variety of fresh seafood and delicious Spanish delights. A beach holiday is the perfect time to dine on the local catch of the day.  

5. Feeling beachy 

There’s nothing quite like spending an entire day at the beach to leave you feeling relaxed and recharged. The potent mix of the sun’s vitamin D, alluring waves and warm sand  offers the perfect cure for a stressful lifestyle. 

Find your perfect escape

Pacaso offers amazing holiday homes in more than 40 destinations worldwide, so we have you covered whether you love escaping to the beach or the city. Find a co-owned holiday home that’s right for you. 

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