A couple’s second home in Tahoe is an extension of their family

Published Date: January 17, 2023

The alpine exterior
Chris and Julie previously owned a second home in South Lake Tahoe, using it for family vacations and as a rental. “We love the idea of having a home, but we didn’t need it full time. The workload that went into renting it out — there was a lot,” Chris said. “We did great with it, but it was a lot of work.”They sold the property in 2020 and started looking for a more manageable home on the north end of Lake Tahoe. During their search, they came across Pacaso’s co-ownership program. Chris and Julie were won over by Pacaso’s price, flexibility and amenities, and the true ownership experience stood out.

New, comfortable and impressive

The couple loved the idea of owning new construction at a price within their budget. “We figured, the new home aspect would be less wear and tear in the long term,” Julie shared. In addition, since Julie and Chris consider themselves as more “summer people,” a new home in a different area of Tahoe would provide more options for enjoyment. But it’s not just the newness of the property — the couple is amazed by the home’s design and feel. “I think the most difficult part is having to come home to our main home,” said Julie, who’s a fan of interior design. “I love this house, and it is amazing. I think the design team did a phenomenal job.”As owners who had rented out their second home, the couple also appreciates how Pacaso takes care of the maintenance and adds special touches to make them feel at home. “The hot tub, furnishings, outdoor furniture and fire pits are all comfortable. You have everything you need that you can think of, and that makes me feel really good,” said Chris. “We’re going to impress our family and friends whenever we go there. And we’re always going to have a comfortable stay because of that.” Julie added, “It’s really nice just to be able to walk in and not have to do anything.”Julie and Chris aren’t the only ones who are impressed. On a recent stay, the couple’s daughter and dog didn’t want to leave. “That was a really good sign the Pacaso team did well,” Chris said.
Family in Tahoe

The perks of true ownership

Simplicity and comfort aside, a massive benefit for Chris and Julie was having true ownership in their second home. “There’s a sense of pride when you own a piece of a home. One thing that resonated with me during our last experience was that we did build a lot of traditions,” Julie said. “And it felt nice to have the same place to go to and make it your own. And it is your own.”This feeling of ownership makes their new Pacaso different from other offerings on the market. “I think there’s a lot of misconception out there with it being a timeshare,” said Julie. “It’s not a timeshare — we’re owning a home with eight people. We are able to have access to Tahoe and a beautiful home that we would not be able to afford on our own.”

A second home is a special place

With more moments on the schedule and plans to pass the home to their daughter, the couple views their Tahoe home as more than just a second home — it’s about going to a beloved destination that holds special meaning in their family.“I think our second home is an extension of our primary home and an extension of our family,” said Chris. “We can’t say that about our current home as much as we love it, because — at some point — you transition out of your primary home. But with a second home, it’s always going to be a place we go to that matters.”

Look forward to coming to Tahoe

Looking for a place to make memories in Lake Tahoe? When you co-own a Pacaso, you enjoy hassle-free ownership in a beautiful property that feels like home — because it is. Check out our co-ownership listings in Tahoe and other desirable destinations.

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