7 next-level indoor/outdoor spaces in Palm Springs

Published Date: August 25, 2022

Bacana outdoor pool and lounge area
Life in Palm Springs comes with a lot of perks. The mountains offer a stunning backdrop for days on the golf course or seeing the sights. And 350 days of sunshine each year make it an ideal spot for indoor/outdoor living. Whether you’re searching for a second home to call your own or planning a trip to one of the town’s several resorts, Palm Springs is a true hot spot (and not just because it’s located in the desert). These seven stunning spaces showcase some of the great living this Southern California city has to offer. 

Sky high

Reaching for the sky is easy in this modern Palm Springs Pacaso. The home’s U-shaped design and oversized windows make clear blue skies the natural focal point of this elegant dining and living room. Glass doors open to expand the living space and provide access to the home’s patio and pool. With more than 50,000 pools in greater Palm Springs, the area boasts more swimming holes per capita than anywhere else in the country.
Palm Springs living room and dining area
Listing photo: Skyward

Outdoor oasis

When a drop of rain falls in Palm Springs, you’ll know about it — it’s often headline news. But you won’t feel it underneath the grand veranda which looks out on this one-acre Old Las Palmas estate. Rain or shine, this Pacaso’s covered living space offers a cool escape from the desert heat.
palm springs outdoor living with hammock
Listing photo: Oasis

Modern marvel

The artistic patio of the Mid-Century Modern home frames the fairway of famed Indian Canyons Golf Course, a favorite of crooner Frank Sinatra. Palm Springs is a popular tee-time destination, with more than 100 courses to choose from. 
Palm Springs Modernism outdoor living couches
Photo credit: Christopher Kennedy Compound

Colorful comfort

The color palette of this outdoor Palm Springs living room is reminiscent of a bird of paradise and a fitting comparison for this backyard paradise. The nested couches and custom aqua water fountain provide an inviting space to sit back and sink into the SoCal lifestyle. 
Los Angeles Times Palm Springs pool with sunken lounge space
Photo credit: Los Angeles Times

Iconic chic 

This Palm Springs living space blurs the line between indoor and outdoor, while the home itself blurs the line between historic and contemporary. The iconic Kaufmann Desert House helped shape the Mid-Century Modern architectural aesthetic for which Palm Springs is known. Once owned by singer Barry Manilow, the 25-million-dollar home is protected as a historic site. 
sotherby realty outdoor living
Photo credit: Sotheby’s Realty

Mosaic masterpiece

Travel from one corner of the world to the other in this tiled patio. Here, the deserts of Morocco and California come together in a one-of-a-kind outdoor living space perfect for date night. And not just the romantic kind — the Palm Springs area rivals the Middle East in production of the tasty fruit.
Mosaic outdoor seating by pool
Photo credit: Redfin

Backyard brilliance

This backyard living room is perfect for watching the stars — or entertaining them. Just under two hours from Hollywood, Palm Springs has long been a place celebrities love to live and play. Glamorous touches transform this poolside terrace into a sophisticated space that’s stylish and serene. 
Palm Springs Living Outdoor Couch
Photo credit: Summer Classics

Second home living in Palm Springs

Palm Springs is a true desert oasis and an ideal place to own a second home. The benefits and beauty of life in this historic city can be yours throughout the year when you own a Pacaso. We simplify finding, buying and owning a second home so you can do more than just visit this sought-after California sanctuary. Check out our listings to get started. 

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