Malibu home design tour: 4 effortless indoor/outdoor features

Published Date: February 1, 2023

View of Sycamore
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    • Bedrooms: 3
    • Baths: 3
    • Year built: 1959
    • Square footage: 2,898 sq ft

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    • Cozy nook in the dining room
    • Floor-to-ceiling glass walls
    • Soaking tub and tiled shower
    • Views of the Pacific Ocean

Organic details, cool design and California inspiration — these elements come together effortlessly at Sycamore. The beautifully revitalized home in Malibu offers indoor/outdoor living at its best. In this tour of Sycamore, we’ll highlight this Malibu home design in more detail.

1. Wooden elements with white walls

Sycamore is contemporary in its design. “Contemporary design is all about creating soft and livable spaces,” explains Pacaso's design team. Sycamore leans into this aesthetic by evoking the outdoor environment inside the home. The living room’s wood ceiling beams and walnut accents create layers and texture, reflecting the surrounding lawns, gardens, trees and California vistas. Following a “less is more” approach, the home’s all-white walls and furnishings brighten the space and highlight the natural elements.
Large living room in Malibu

2. Larger-than-life outdoor living space

Sycamore’s outdoor living area is almost as spacious as the interior. The Pacaso design team saw this as another opportunity to tie the home to the landscape.“We wanted the outdoor space to reflect the indoors and create one seamless communal space,” says Pacaso's design team. To do this, the team placed upholstered sofas, coffee tables, hanging light fixtures and an outdoor fireplace on the patio to mirror the calm and luxurious ambiance inside the home.
Large outdoor patio with couches, bar, and table

3. Spacious dining room serving up garden views 

Sycamore’s compact layout led the team to look at each section of the home with design moments in mind. The dining area is a great example of this.The team paired the six-seater table with wide seats and transformed the adjacent nook into a livable space. Cozy furnishings and large windows create a space to hang out, engage with family and enjoy entertainment. The bright natural light and views of the garden produce a delightful greenhouse feel.
Modern dining table with greenery

4. Open plan space with room-to-room flow

Imagine waking up to views of the Pacific. That’s what you get to enjoy each morning from the primary bedroom in Sycamore, a space that takes full advantage of the home’s location.The goal was to eliminate barriers, making one room flow into the next. The team used Fleetwood glass walls to open the room to a massive deck, capturing the breezy vibe of California. The design again creates a connection between indoor and outdoor, no matter where you are in the home.
Bedroom with views to the outdoors
To explore Malibu home design further, take a virtual 3D tour of Sycamore.Each Pacaso is thoughtfully designed with modern furnishings, decorative artwork and special touches to create an inviting home with lots of character. Check out our listings and find a beautifully furnished home that matches your lifestyle and preferences.

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