‘I'm going to keep talking about Pacaso’: Owner shares her excitement about her second home

Published Date: February 15, 2024

Florida Pacaso Owners
Chris and her husband wanted nothing more than to own a vacation home but were discouraged by the maintenance it would require — until their financial advisor told them about fully managed co-ownership with Pacaso.“We got to learn how the home was managed and see how it was stocked, prepped and immaculately cleaned,” Chris said. “There’s such a wow factor in walking into your home and in seeing how beautifully decorated it is. Pacaso has some great interior designers — everything is sized and scaled, and it’s gorgeous.”

The rewards of sharing

For Chris, her experience goes beyond just design — Pacaso’s mission, attention to detail and offerings make her second home feel rewarding. “You can start out with a beautiful home, but without the type of leadership and infrastructure that Pacaso has, your experience can vary,” she said. Chris feels this experience is worth sharing with others. “Our neighbors asked us, ‘You bought shares in this house … how does that work?’ And we said, ‘Fabulous!’ We had a long conversation with them, and everybody’s interested,” Chris said. “We’re the new kids on the block, but trust me, all our friends are watching us.”With Pacaso’s referral benefits like credit toward operating expenses (for both owners and their referrals), Chris is thrilled to get her friends on board. “I’m going to keep talking about Pacaso,” she said.

Quality time, leveled up

Chris has plans to spend time with her neighbors, vacation with her grandkids, work remotely from home and entertain friends around the pool. She loves that her Pacaso second home is a beautiful and comfortable place for making those lifelong memories. “Our primary house is nice, so when we go on vacation, we want to level up: the overall stress reduction … knowing we’re going to our home, what to expect,” Chris shared. “This is our first second home but might not be our last — we are really enjoying it.”
Pacaso makes second home ownership stress-free and enjoyable for families looking to spend more quality time together. Explore our listings today. 

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