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Being a Crew member has its benefits – lots of them, in fact

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Sure, tech companies lavish perks on their employees. If you’re actually still working in an office, you might still be grabbing snacks and indulging in a game of ping-pong. But is free food feeding your soul? If not, read on.At Pacaso, we’re serious about building a diverse, dynamic, and intentionally distributed workforce across the U.S. We’re pulling together best-in-class people who want to revolutionize second home ownership. We know that your talent is our most valuable asset, so we’ve developed a compelling benefits package.As an early-stage startup, Pacaso has an entrepreneurial spirit that’s evident in our most unique benefit: the Crew Pacaso Ownership Program. CPOP is an innovative initiative that empowers Crew members to build equity as Pacaso owners over time. Each Crew member can earn $25,000 over five years to apply to the purchase of their own Pacaso. Of course, you’ll also receive great standard benefits: 
  • Health, vision and dental coverage
  • 401k
  • Incentive stock options
  • Home office reimbursement
  • Monthly cell phone reimbursement
  • Maternity/paternity leave 
Possibly the best perk of all, is working with an amazing team at a high-growth startup that is (truly) mission driven and puts customers first. 

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