Napa home design tour: 4 must-have features for spectacular entertaining in your second home

Published Date: February 1, 2023

Raise a glass to Bennett, a contemporary full-bodied home in Calistoga. The 4-acre estate abounds with vibrant color, quirky design and three larger-than-life entertaining spaces. In this visual tour, we highlight the comfortable contemporary aesthetic at Bennett and gain insights from our design team. 

1. Furnishings connect indoor and outdoor spaces

With over 8,300 square feet of gorgeous living space, Bennett is perfectly suited to entertaining. “With such ample space, we want to bring together indoor and outdoor living,” says Pacaso's design team. A home of this size can feel disjointed, so the team optimized each area for hosting and gathering, from the sofa placed next to the outdoor kitchen to the large, 12-seat dining table. This ties the whole home together and helps people gather in comfort.

2. Vineyard-inspired colors to showcase the surroundings

With Bennett’s high ceilings and limited wall space, the Pacaso design team wanted to saturate the space with color and interest. “We wanted to showcase colors that people might see in the Napa vineyards, flower fields and mountains,” says the design team. They placed a vibrant rug with an energetic pattern and streaks of red, blue and gold, and topped it off with a glass table that brings more attention to the statement piece.

3. Textured artworks for a relaxed ambiance

Comfort carries into the luxury bedrooms at Bennett. “Although it has a modern and clean aesthetic, contemporary design can sometimes feel cold, so we wanted to bring the surrounding environment of Napa inside,” says the design team. The design team placed textured artworks, nature-inspired patterns and a mirror to create a contemporary aesthetic that is livable, relaxed and warm.

4. Extra room for gathering (with bonus whimsical decor)

Adjacent to the estate is a 2,750-square-foot modern barn. The barn’s fun 2-story layout prompted the team to bring creativity into the multipurpose space. “The barn layout called for something unique,” the design team expressed. Playing off the atmosphere of the home, the team added unconventional elements like word tapestries, teak materials and a cascade of leaf-inspired design accents. In keeping with the theme of gathering, the team also made sure to put seating front and center. The result is a space that feels put together and can accommodate people, entertain guests and delight the kids.
To explore Napa home design in more detail, take this virtual 3D tour of Bennett.Each Pacaso is designed with modern furnishings, decorative artwork and special touches to create a second home with livable luxury. Check out our listings, and find a beautifully furnished home that matches your lifestyle and preferences.

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