New Pacaso app showcases curated collection of stunning second homes

Published Date: January 6, 2023

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The best way to browse epic second homes on the go? The new and improved Pacaso app, offering instant access to an expertly curated array of second homes in the most desirable locations.The app had only been available to Pacaso owners for scheduling stays and managing their home’s information. Now, anyone can use the new and expanded Pacaso app to browse listings, easily share homes with a tap of a finger, see detailed home information and access resources detailing the co-ownership experience. The new universal app means current Pacaso owners can seamlessly toggle between their owner dashboard and the shopping experience. They can manage their home stays and check out new homes, while second home shoppers can browse listings using the app’s newly optimized interface. 

Be the first to know about new homes

Using the app, you can get instant updates via push notifications when new listings are added and when Pacaso enters a new market. You can also dive into a home’s pricing details to see a breakdown of the share price and estimated operating expenses. Find a home you love? Share listings (and your excitement) with your friends and family as you browse. You can explore both active listings and prospective listings through the app. Active Pacaso listings, marked “Available Now,” are stunning homes ready to be co-owned and enjoyed. Prospects are turnkey whole home listings in desirable second home destinations. If they’re a good fit for Pacaso, we’ll add them to our collection of available homes. Buyer interest is a significant factor in our decision, so if you see a Prospect listing you love, let us know! 

Access the latest features

Download the app to take advantage of updates and enhancements, including these features coming soon to the Pacaso app:
  • Save your favorite listings. Keep track of the homes you love in each location you’re shopping in. Easily add and remove favorites as you refine your search.
  • Manage your profile. Complete your profile to stay up to date on listings in your dream locations.
See the Pacaso app in action!
Download now for iOS and Android

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