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Pacaso owner code of conduct: enhancing the neighborhood through conscientious ownership

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At Pacaso, we’re on a mission to enrich lives through second home ownership. For Pacaso owners, a second home brings great pride and a commitment to being a conscientious, respectful owner and good neighbor. Together, Pacaso owners protect and enhance the experience of their fellow owners and the local community.Pacaso owners agree to abide by the following policies:
  • Pacaso homes are designed solely for the personal use and enjoyment of owners and their personal guests. Rental of Pacaso homes is strictly prohibited.
  • Large events or parties that would cause disruption for the neighborhood are prohibited.
  • Quiet hours are observed from 9 p.m. to 7 a.m.
  • Owners may bring up to two dogs onto the property. Dogs cannot weigh more than 80 pounds each and no other animals are allowed (except certified assistance animals).
  • Pacaso owners are strongly encouraged to avoid parking on the street unless absolutely necessary.
  • No trash or garbage is allowed to accumulate, and garbage containers must be stored out of sight except on collection day.
  • No part of a Pacaso home may be used for commercial purposes, and Pacaso owners are prohibited from engaging in solicitation.
Violations of Pacaso’s owner policies may result in monetary penalties or a temporary suspension of stay rights.We are looking forward to being your neighbor. If you are a neighbor with a question or would like to report a concern, please contact us at

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