Pacaso Agent Collective: Advocating for co-ownership as the future of second homes

Published Date: January 17, 2023

Newport Beach vacation home
Pacaso was founded with one mission: to make second home ownership possible and enjoyable for more people. The Pacaso Agent Collective is an exclusive program for agents interested in advocating for co-ownership as the future of second home real estate. If you’re an innovative agent looking for new business opportunities, email to apply for the Pacaso Agent Collective.

Advocates for co-ownership

The Pacaso Agent Collective (PAC) is a hand-selected group of industry leaders, real estate professionals and culture shifters serving as advocates of second home co-ownership. Participants in the program believe that co-ownership is the more modern and sustainable way to own a second home, and strive to make it known to a global network.The current all-star PAC roster includes influential real estate agents like real estate broker, author and Bravo reality television star Ryan Serhant, fellow Bravo stars and real estate moguls Josh and Matt Altman, and top-performing agents Landon Clements and Roh Habibi.“I’m over the moon about being a member of the Pacaso Agent Collective and about the opportunity to educate more agents and buyers alike on co-ownership,” said Ryan. As the real estate industry continues to embrace co-ownership, Pacaso’s partnership with tech-embracing industry leaders will help propel co-ownership forward as a compelling property type and the modern and more sustainable way to enjoy second home ownership.

Partner perks

When partnering with Pacaso, agents earn a 3% commission on every referral along with equity rewards. Advocates for PAC gain an additional opportunity for more equity awards. PAC agents also participate in an exclusive co-marketing agreement with Pacaso that includes promotion of your brand across Pacaso channels.Pacaso accepts applications from influencers and content creators who are active on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok or Facebook. Minimum requirements include a combined reach of 20,000+ social media followers and 10,000+ newsletter subscribers along with other engagement metrics.

The future of second home real estate

Join other advocates in spreading the word about Pacaso and how second home ownership enriches people’s lives. “Our hope is that this group will encourage more and more people to see the beauty of co-ownership and how easy it is to work with Pacaso to enrich more family’s lives via second home ownership,” said Pacaso Vice President of Industry Relations Marnie Blanco.To learn more about collaborating with Pacaso, please visit You can apply to be part of the Pacaso Agent Collective by emailing

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