Pacaso, 1 year and counting: We’re just getting started!

Published Date: January 6, 2023

One year ago, Pacaso officially launched its real estate service with a small Crew and a big mission: To enrich lives by making second home ownership possible and enjoyable for more people. Twelve months later, our Crew has grown to over 120 employees, we’ve achieved unicorn status (and then some), and we’re preparing to enter our first global market, Spain. You could say it’s been quite a year! We owe our success to many people: Our amazing Pacaso owners, who took a chance on a young company and are now living their second home dreams; our investors, who believed in our model and bet on our ability to deliver; and last but not least, our dedicated, talented Crew, who come together every day across 20 states and 5 countries to collaborate and innovate in support of our mission. 
Pacaso Crew at company retreat
Reflecting on our first year, several of our Crew members shared their thoughts about Pacaso’s exciting milestones and how they see our core values in action every day. Here’s what they had to say.

Memorable milestones

“I'll never forget October 1, 2020 — Launch Day. Our team had an audacious goal of getting 10,000 inquiries our opening month. We received 10,000 inquiries within that first week. It’s exciting to see how many people now believe second home ownership may be possible for them and their families.” — Nick Huddleston, Sales Manager“One of the most memorable moments for me was seeing our mission-driven crew come together at our annual retreat. Although we’re an early stage company, it felt like we’d been working together for decades. The creativity, passion and infinite mindset was really apparent in all the incredible ideas exchanged throughout the week. I feel so lucky to be a part of this diverse and collaborative crew!”— Rasika Rajagopalan, Director of People & Talent“The inaugural company retreat was an especially precious time. Never have I experienced such a moment in my professional life where meeting for the first time was so natural. It's all because we're here for a purpose, with heart and hope. It was truly special.”— Sam Doshi, Sales Enablement Manager
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Showing up and living our core values

“The Pacaso Crew is like no other team that I've been a part of! Everyone here is always willing to stop what they are doing to help you out or solve a problem. And it's amazing how often Crew members go above and beyond the responsibilities of their roles to reach our goals. It’s all part of our core value of rowing together.”— Kelsi Sheldrake, Director of Growth & Lifecycle Marketing"It’s been really gratifying to build out Pacaso’s team of home managers as we expand into new markets. The core value of 'communicate constantly' is essential to our function, because home managers are interacting with owners every day and then sharing important information back to the rest of the company. One of the best parts of my job is hearing a team member’s excitement when they receive positive feedback from owners. We really get to feel the impact of Pacaso’s mission first hand."— Pam Janusz, Sr. Director of Home Managers“One of our core values is ‘empty the dishwasher,’ and I see that every day. Whatever the challenge, we will get it done! I have made beds, put together cribs, done landscaping and created marketing presentations. ‘That’s not my job’ is not a phrase that exists at Pacaso. Nothing is too big nor too small.” — Eric St. Cashen, Director of Sales“Something I love about working at Pacaso is seeing the diversity of associates across the board, especially as we grow globally. It’s a very inclusive workplace, which will help us support our customers globally.” — Ramon Antelo, Sr. Home Manager
Crew photobooth 2021 retreat

Looking back, looking ahead

Watch our video for more Crew perspectives, company milestones and owner stories. One year in, we're already enriching the lives of families across the country (and across the globe!), and we can't wait to see what comes next.

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Amie Fisher

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