Pacaso makes the perfect business partner in Miami and South Florida

Published Date: January 5, 2023

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With year-round access to white sand beaches, world-class golf courses and rich culture opportunities, it’s hard to imagine a better place for a second home than Miami and South Florida.But limited inventory and high prices can make it tough for buyers and challenging for real estate agents. That is why Pacaso co-ownership works so well here. “Miami and South Florida is the perfect market for Pacaso,” says Josh Dotoli of Compass in Fort Lauderdale. “When I think of Pacaso, I think of the luxury consumer who really values time, lifestyle and experiences.” Pacaso delivers all that for second home shoppers who might otherwise have been priced out of this hot market. And for many buyers, co-ownership gives them the opportunity to own a more luxurious home. “This gives homeowners a chance to buy into something that’s greater than they ever would have looked at before,” says Miltiadis Kastanis of Douglas Elliman Real Estate in Miami. “Co-ownership is actually getting them a better home than they could ever imagine."
Milti - Douglas Elliman
Miltiadis Kastanis

Big rewards for agents

With Pacaso, agents across the country can easily help their clients find dream second homes in South Florida — and do it while earning 3% buyers agent commission and 500 RSUs for each closed buy-side sale. “As much as we love doing what we’re doing, all agents love commission,” says Miltiadis.All buyers agents are eligible for Pacaso’s Referral Equity Program. The equity bonus will be awarded automatically when a referred buyer closes on the sale of ⅛ (or more) of a Pacaso. And because the same Pacaso can be sold to as many as eight buyers, commission and stock are earned on each closed sale, no matter where the buyer or home is located. 

Expanded referral network

Pacaso gives agents the chance to grow their client network and buyer pool. “One of the biggest things in our industry is the referral,” says Miltiadis. “In the case of Pacaso, you can have up to eight different people you’re working with, with eight different networks, which is so great.” Co-ownership also creates a bigger pool of buyers. Some Miami and South Florida shoppers have been priced out of the market and inventory is tight. “Pacaso gives them the opportunity to buy a second home that’s affordable,'' says Josh, “… and be able to use it on their time.”
Josh Dotoli - Compass
Josh Dotoli

Partnering with the best

Just as agents develop lasting relationships with their clients, Pacaso wants to partner with agents long term. “Pacaso isn’t going into this looking for one transaction with us,” says Josh. The company is geared to team with agents across the country to simplify the sale of second homes.The Pacaso team works to streamline the process and close the deals, giving agents more time to do more business. “Who doesn’t want to close more deals?” asks Miltiadis.Browse Pacaso’s Florida listings and watch this video to hear more from Josh and Miltiadis about why South Florida and Pacaso are a perfect fit.   

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