‘Million Dollar Listing’ agents see Pacaso as ‘game changing’

Published Date: January 6, 2023

The Altman Brothers
Los Angeles and luxury real estate go hand-in-hand. And when the city’s A-list buyers want to buy or sell their multimillion-dollar estates, they turn to Josh and Matt Altman.Stars of Bravo’s long-running “Million Dollar Listing LA” reality series and co-owners of The Altman Brothers real estate, the siblings are experts on the Southern California luxury market and were ideal partners when Pacaso set its sights on LA-area second homes. Plus, they already had an in with the company. Josh and Matt worked with Zillow for years and had gotten to know Pacaso co-founder and former Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff. They had also met Pacaso co-founder and CEO Austin Allison, and the brothers knew Rascoff and Allison were real estate innovators. So when the Pacaso founders approached the team to discuss their new venture, the brothers were intrigued. “Knowing their track record, we were interested, because these were guys who changed the business,” said Josh. Added Matt: “Josh and I jumped at the idea. It was an incredible concept and a product that I would use.”The Altmans, always on the lookout for innovations in real estate, were among Pacaso’s early agent partners. “We like to be the first to do new things. In order to stay on top, you really have to embrace change and technology, and understand how it can work to your benefit,” said Josh.But they had plenty of questions. “When Spencer and Austin presented their business idea to us, my initial reaction was, ‘How is it different from a timeshare, how do people sell their shares, how do they get financing’ — just like any buyer hearing about it for the first time,” said Josh. “Because it’s a new company, it takes a second for clients to wrap their heads around it, but after conversations with the Pacaso team, all our questions were answered.”  After going through the sale process with Pacaso, which Josh described as “seamless,” he was convinced. “I looked at my brother and said, ‘This is going to be really big. This is going to be game changing.’”Matt said it didn’t take long for their team at The Altman Brothers to embrace the concept as well. “I explained the benefits of the Pacaso model for both the homeowner and the buyers, and the team got it very quickly.”  More importantly, the brothers have found second home shoppers to be highly receptive. “The best selling point for buyers is you don’t have to take care of the house,” said Josh. “That’s why a lot of people shy away from second homes. With Pacaso, you get the best of both worlds but for a much lower cost. My clients like it because of the ease.”  For Matt, Pacaso’s fully managed model is a huge perk for buyers. “Owning a second home isn’t easy — you have maintenance, which is an issue no matter how new the home is, you’ve got upkeep. With a Pacaso, you just walk in with your toothbrush and your clothes. It’s a great feeling with no stress. It lets you enjoy a second home like you’re supposed to.” Being able to tap into the luxury market at a lower price point is a win for buyers, said Josh. “Pacaso has really expanded the buyer pool for second home ownership. Most of the world cannot afford a second home, but Pacaso unlocks a whole group of buyers who weren’t there before.”Matt added, “What’s so special about the Pacaso model is it enables someone to own a real second home for a fraction of the price. A typical second home is empty half the time, which doesn’t make sense financially.”And for real estate agents? Josh thinks working with Pacaso is a “no-brainer.” He said, “Not only can you sell Pacaso the house, you can then sell it up to eight times to the individual buyers. You get commission on the sale of all those shares. Pacaso looks out for the agent and makes sure they get paid what they deserve.” Matt described it as “an incredible opportunity for agents,” pointing to one of their early success stories in Malibu. The Altman Brothers found a desirable home that seemed like a perfect fit for Pacaso. “It was a hidden gem, a small property right on the beach. As soon as it was in escrow, all eight shares sold almost immediately.”Looking to the future of second home ownership, the brothers agree Pacaso is onto something big. “Pacaso is really changing second home ownership, and I think this is just the beginning. Five years from now, people are going to own multiple second homes for one-eighth the price, and that’s a game-changer,” said Josh. Matt said he’s considering a Pacaso for his own family. “I see Pacaso becoming a household name in the next few years. I live in LA, and this winter I thought about buying a second home in Big Bear. But I’m only going to use it a portion of the time —  I’d much rather buy a Pacaso knowing I’m only going to use it part-time, but I still have ongoing access to the home. It’s a great product.”

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