‘It’s genius’: Real estate broker and Pacaso owner shares how Pacaso makes it easy to own a second home

Published Date: January 5, 2023

Lane and Caroline in their Pacaso
A second home can be a special place, but the upkeep and management are a deterrent for many would-be buyers. Those ownership hassles kept Lane Hornung and his wife Caroline from considering a second home — that is, until they discovered Pacaso. “Pacaso is genius,” says Lane, founder and CEO of 8z Real Estate in Colorado, who first learned about Pacaso through his  industry connections and now owns a second home in Telluride. “Pacaso comes in and brings a professional level of management, technology, and scheduling on the app. And post-closing is where it gets even better. It’s truly a lock-and-leave: When you take off, you know the property is going to be taken care of, it’s going to be maintained, and it’s going to be ready for you when you come back — it’s nice.” Watch the video and hear more from Lane and Caroline about why Pacaso is the smart way to buy and enjoy a beautiful second home.
Pacaso takes the hassle, stress, and expense of owning a second home for families looking to make lifelong memories together. Explore our listings and tour a home today. If you’re an agent looking to help your clients buy their dream second home, learn more about how we partner with agents to grow their business.

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Tony Huynh

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