Why Pacaso co-ownership makes sense for your clients (and you)

Published Date: January 5, 2023

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Undoubtedly, you have buyer leads who dream of owning a second home — a place where they can go for a change of scenery, to work remotely or relax, to make memories with the people who matter most.Until now, few have been able to realize their second home dream. That’s where Pacaso and its fully managed LLC co-ownership model comes in. We’re unlocking exciting opportunities for consumers, agents and the real estate industry with a new way to own beautifully and furnished single-family residential homes in choice second-home markets. Agents are problem-solvers, unwinding snarled negotiations and helping clients traverse their options when it comes to one of their most valuable assets. Working with Pacaso allows agents to solve problems for their second-home clients, saving the day by providing a professionally managed co-ownership solution for buyers and sellers. And working with Pacaso allows agents to generate additive sales, helping buyers who didn’t think they could afford a second home and sellers who want to keep their second home but don’t use it much time as they once did.

Additive sales model: Manifesting new listings

With Pacaso, real estate agents can generate more leads, close more deals and capture more commission by creating brand-new transactions that agents can wrap into their current business strategy as additive sales.For your clients looking for a second home, co-ownership is a way to right-size their ownership and purchase a fully managed and beautifully furnished home for less cost and expense than whole home ownership. And consider what this model can offer to current second home owners in your sphere. They may have no intention of selling, but chances are they aren’t using the home as much as they’d like. Or they may have grown weary of managing it as a vacation rental. Professionally managed co-ownership will free them from the hassles, let them tap into their home’s liquidity, and still keep as much as half ownership. Introducing Pacaso to your buyer and seller clients can help them achieve their second home goals and solve their problems.  And for real estate agents, the Pacaso LLC co-ownership model offers a new landscape for generating business and closing deals.--------


1. Which type of current homeowner is the best fit for selling to Pacaso?A. Someone who owns only their primary residence.B. Someone who owns a second home.C. Someone who owns a multifamily unit.D. None of the above. 2. What are some pain points for those who own a whole second home?A. They feel guilty about the amount of time it’s empty every year.B. They feel uncomfortable about dozens (or hundreds) of strangers staying in their home and are tired of managing it as a short-term rental.C. They want to sell high and access liquidity in their home. D. All of the above. 3. What is the maximum number of owners for a Pacaso home?A. OneB. EightC. TwentyD. None of the above 4. What is the maximum percentage of ownership a current second home owner can retain using the Pacaso co-ownership model? A. 10%B. 25% C. 50%D. 75%5. How much commission do agents get on the buy and list side for a Pacaso deal?A. Full commissionB. Partial commission

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