Malibu Pacaso gets a refreshing makeover

Published Date: January 6, 2023

wide angle sea scape kitchen
Every Pacaso is designed to create an elevated environment that fosters true relaxation. Although owning and living in a Pacaso is an effortless experience, designing and furnishing a dream second home takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Wondering how we do it? Let Erin Johns, principal designer for Pacaso and director of furniture and design at Dahlgren Duck, walk you through the best of Sea Scape, an oceanside Malibu second home.

Top of the world

The old real estate adage “location, location, location” is alive and well in Sea Scape. Pacific views are an incredible home feature, but living atop the waves is another experience altogether. Erin’s insight: “The most striking thing about Sea Scape is the location. It’s one of the coolest places on the planet. When you stand on the deck off of the back of the home, it’s not just next to the ocean — the waves are crashing underneath you. You feel like you’re floating on top of the water.”
Deck space at Malibu home

Salt of the earth

One of Malibu’s best features is on display in Sea Scape’s spectacular wraparound deck. Pull up a chair and enjoy the tide rolling in and out. Erin’s insight: The outdoor space is such a gorgeous place to gather. It’s shielded from the wind and the elements but the ocean is a stone’s throw away. The best part? The indoor/outdoor fireplace, a feature designed so people can be cozy with the feel of the salt breeze outside or inside looking out onto the Pacific.”
deck and outdoor fireplace

Strike a balance

Though Sea Scape’s outdoor areas are a delight, what's inside definitely counts. Curated with luxurious finishes and a bold aesthetic, including high-contrast artwork, the indoor spaces are spectacular.  Erin’s insight: There’s so much to celebrate outdoors, but we put some really striking things indoors to make a big impact. There’s a Mid-Century Modern feel to it that we wanted to preserve and even enhance within the context of a beachfront home.”
living room

Waves of relaxation

Sea Scape’s primary bedroom was redesigned to feel like both a peaceful refuge and an extension of the natural beauty outside. Erin’s insight: I love this bedroom. As you sleep, the ocean is to your right through a wall of windows. While it’s not an extravagantly big room, it feels limitless. We tried to bring the beauty of the outdoors into the space inside. It’s reflected in the art and in the colors we used – it’s the ocean, but elevated.”
bedroom with ocean picture

Theme come true

California living is more than just a dream in Sea Scape. The home’s design echoes Malibu’s laid-back energy. Erin’s insight: It was so important to reflect the California chill factor in every facet of the home. Sea Scape is intentionally stylized and naturally beautiful, but it’s still true to its roots. Here, a luxurious down-to-earth California vibe is in full effect and on full display.”
kitchen and bedroom
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