7 reasons why Pacaso beats hotels and vacation rentals

Published Date: October 27, 2023

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When you’re traveling, where you stay matters just as much as where you go. This could be in a hotel, a short-term rental like Airbnb or a vacation home. Every option has pros and cons. However, if you find yourself traveling frequently to a destination that you love, you might want a place to stay that offers consistency, familiarity and ease. Enter another option: a Pacaso second home. Here’s why co-owning a second home is a better option for your vacations than a hotel or vacation rental.

The unexpected value of a Pacaso

People have compared Pacaso to a hotel, Airbnb or a luxury vacation club like Inspirato. And while there may be some similarities, the experience in each couldn’t be more different. Owning a Pacaso means you’re an owner of a real estate asset. Rather than paying expensive hotels or the pockets of vacation home owners, you’re paying yourself in ownership benefits and potential equity. Plus, co-owning a Pacaso can be more cost-effective than comparable luxury hotels and vacation homes. But it's not just about these practical advantages. A Pacaso offers valuable benefits that can only be experienced as an owner. Here’s what our owners have to say.  

1. You can just show up and enjoy your home

While hotels and short-term rentals can vary widely in quality, you can expect your Pacaso to be fully appointed and pristine — every time you return. Your home is taken care of by a property manager dedicated to delivering service, maintenance support and high-quality experiences. Because of this, you get to spend more time enjoying your vacation and less time getting settled into your place.

I’m no stranger to having to show up on vacation and spend my first two days getting the home ready. So what made Pacaso a no-brainer was that everything is ready to go.

— Renee, owner in Palm Springs

2. It’s easy to host your favorite people

Making memories with friends and family is one of the most life-enriching parts of a vacation. And with your Pacaso, it’s easy to do just that. From outdoor kitchens and al fresco gathering spaces to open grand rooms and game rooms, Pacaso has the space, features and details to help the ones you love feel comfortable and enjoy quality time together. 

We love to travel and create new experiences that we can share. I look forward to making memories here, whether it’s birthdays, holidays or no special occasion at all. Just a change of scenery in a place that feels like home.

— Nkem, owner in Malibu
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3. You have the whole place to yourself (and your guests!)

At your Pacaso, you always have the whole space to yourself. Your home belongs to you. Our homes feature large gathering spaces, and many also have spacious outdoor areas, patios, balconies and decks. Whether you want to relax, work from home or throw a celebration, you’ll have plenty of space for your whole crew. And it’s not just about space — unlike hotels and Airbnbs, all your guests are welcome at your Pacaso (even your dog!). 

With a vacation rental, you’re getting a different space every time. I think Pacaso strives to make sure it’s your home. It’s not your one-eighth of a home — everything feels like ours. Everything was where you left it the last visit.

— Doug, owner in Palm Springs

4. You get to live like a local

When you own a Pacaso, you become part of a community. You’re not bouncing through different hotels, homes and places — you return to a neighborhood where every aspect is familiar, from your favorite place for breakfast to local museums. Being able to call a place you know and love home makes for a seamless (and special) vacation every time. 

We feel like we’re part of the community even though we’re part-time. You don't get that familiarity and memories at a rental or a hotel. You have a nice time, but there’s nothing sentimental.

Elizabeth, owner in St. Helena

5. You won’t have to stress about your vacation

Staying at your own Pacaso offers a different experience from the typical vacation. Rather than having to plan things to do and places to eat at, you have all the outstanding amenities at home to relax, dine and entertain yourself. Our homes include smart TVs, streaming services, board games and more. You can whip up home-cooked feasts in your modern kitchen. Some homes feature a pool, beach chairs and ocean views, while others have a hot tub, mud room and direct access to ski slopes or beaches. No matter what your idea of the perfect vacation is, you can find a Pacaso to fit your vision. You don’t have to make any trade-offs, and you know exactly what to expect. 

I know some people like the adventure of going somewhere new every time and pulling up Yelp and reading reviews, but for me, that’s exhausting. I'm going to relax.

— Stuart, owner in Palm Springs
Owner relaxing in her second home

6. You have all the conveniences of home

When you come to your Pacaso, there’s no need to pack the small things. Bathrooms are stocked with towels, hair dryers, a scale, magnifying mirror and basic toiletries. Your home has high-speed WiFi and family-friendly supplies. Instead of stressing before your vacation, you can simply look forward to it — it’s just a carry-on bag away.

A big advantage of Pacaso is how well-equipped it is. You don’t have to worry about what to bring because — apart from picking up groceries — everything you need is here.

— Richard, owner in Lake Tahoe

7. Every detail is luxurious

One of the standout things about owning a Pacaso is having luxurious touches throughout your home, allowing you to vacation in style. In addition to our standard amenities and features, you’ll find high quality linens, Turkish towels, premium kitchen products (including Cuisinart, Le Creuset, Ninja and more), porcelain tableware and a Peloton in select homes. These are the small details that make your vacation special. 

I think that when somebody buys a Pacaso, they know what they’re getting into. There’s a certain level of luxury that they’re expecting.

— Tim, owner in Telluride

Vacations (and memories) made better

When you co-own a Pacaso, you enjoy hassle-free time at a place that feels like your home (because it is). You have the amenities and convenient experiences of a hotel, the wow factor of a luxury Airbnb, and the space and privacy of a vacation home — plus, all the benefits of home ownership. This is what sets Pacaso apart. Ready to shift into vacation mode and start making lifelong memories? Check out our luxury listings in over 40 destinations. 

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