Why you should sell some or all of your second home with Pacaso

Published Date: March 17, 2023

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Is owning a second home starting to feel more like a hassle than a joy? Consider selling it with Pacaso. If you own an amazing second home but use it less than 16 weeks each year, Pacaso might be right for you. You can maintain partial ownership for your use.

Make your second home work for you

With our co-ownership model, you have the option to keep the portion of your second home while no longer bearing the full responsibility of having a whole home. You leave maintenance and hassles behind, while still enjoying the home you love and the benefits of ownership.When you sell with Pacaso, we list your home as a co-ownership opportunity and sell even shares to a robust pipeline of ready buyers looking for an alternative to a whole second home. You take advantage of our tech-enabled marketplace that alerts buyers to new inventory and streamlines all transactions. Here are the key benefits:Tailor your ownership. Keep the amount of ownership that’s right for you — from ⅛ to ½, passing the hassles and unused time to us.Get top dollar. Through curated marketing efforts and a targeted second home buyer pool, we enable you to get the most value out of your home when we list it on our marketplace.Leverage expertise. Our experienced team works with local real estate agents to market your home and drive even more demand.Reduce the hassle. When you sell your home with Pacaso, we manage it so you can simply enjoy it. Our dedicated team maintains your home year-round and takes care of the details.So, whether you want to tap into your equity or finally have a hassle-free retreat, let us make your second home the right fit for you.

How the program works

Selling with Pacaso is easy and streamlined. We sell your home share-by-share until you have your preferred amount of equity or are completely divested. Here’s how it works:
  1. Qualification: We assess your needs and determine fit.
  2. Contract: You and Pacaso agree on a price and on deal terms.
  3. Listing: We market your home and list the shares on our site and the local MLS.
  4. Sales: Our regionally based sales team works to sell at least four shares of your home during the marketing period.  
  5. Transaction: Once we sell the required amount of shares, you will contribute the home into an LLC, in which Pacaso manages.
  6. Management: We handle the interior design, maintenance and property management.
  7. Stay-ready: Simply enjoy your second home during the times that matter to you.
"Selling with Pacaso has enabled us to sell a few shares and have money in our pockets, but hang on to the house a little longer too," says Jay, an owner who sold part of his second home to Pacaso. "We could still have time in the home but without the headaches of maintaining it."

Which homes does Pacaso buy?

Every Pacaso is different, but these are some of the features we look for in a Pacaso-worthy home:
  • High-end
  • Turnkey and move-in ready
  • Desirable destinations 
  • Premium home amenities
  • "Wow" factor
  • Luxurious but livable
  • Modern design
If your second home sounds like a match, take advantage of our co-ownership program today. Learn more about selling or get in touch with our team.

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