From downtown to Malibu: A guide to Soho House in LA

Published Date: June 13, 2023

Aerial view of the pacific coastline in Malibu, CA
Impeccably designed, super exclusive and located in the best locations, members-only social clubs are the sought-after places to be in Los Angeles. While there are plenty of clubs to choose from — if you can score an invitation, that is — Soho House is easily the most iconic brand on the social club scene. Soho House offers multiple locations in the greater Los Angeles area, each with a distinct vibe. Soho House West Hollywood is the original LA location. Just down the street you’ll find Holloway House, the newest LA location. Soho Warehouse in downtown LA has a cool industrial vibe. Finally, Little Beach House Malibu is an intimate waterfront oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Among the Southern California creative set, a Soho House membership is coveted: You need to complete an online application, have referrals from two current members, and make it past the membership committee, which reviews applications each month. If you make it in, you’ll have a choice between a single club membership or one that gives you access to most Soho House locations around the world — including the other LA-area clubs. Here’s what you need to know about the LA locations so you can set your sights on the one you love the most. And if you're looking to visit SoHo regularly, consider co-owning a second home in Los Angeles.

Soho House West Hollywood

Located in the heart of Sunset Boulevard, Soho House West Hollywood is an incredible 20-story glass building with panoramic Los Angeles views from the rooftop garden. It features spaces for both work and play, like meeting spaces, a restaurant, red velvet screening room and a calendar full of exclusive events. It’s also an art lover’s paradise. Soho House West Hollywood is home to an incredible collection of artwork by artists born, based or trained in LA. The entire collection was refreshed in 2023, so there’s always something new to see. 

Holloway House

Also located in West Hollywood, Holloway House was added to the Soho House portfolio in 2022. Lovers of the Mid-Century Modern vibe will love this location, which also has a more casual feel than other Soho House locations. Holloway House offers a rooftop deck, meeting space, a restaurant with booths clad in burgundy leather, and plenty of live music and events. Like many Soho House clubs, there are overnight bedrooms to book just like a hotel. While members will get the best rates on their pick of 34 rooms with five distinct layouts, non-members are able to book an overnight stay, which is a great way to see the club for yourself.  

Soho Warehouse

Soho Warehouse has a look and feel all its own. Located in a converted warehouse-turned-recording studio in downtown LA, it has an industrial-chic aesthetic and is the only Los Angeles Soho House property with a rooftop pool. With interiors that showcase local street art, Soho Warehouse is the perfect place to find creative inspiration. The on-site drawing room regularly hosts events and creative workshops. Soho Warehouse also features a two-story gym with a boxing ring, garden, restaurant, 48 bedrooms and an outdoor art commission by Shepard Fairey. 

Little Beach House Malibu 

Soho House’s Malibu outpost is a chic and serene destination. Located in an oceanfront building right off the Pacific Coast Highway and next door to Nobu, Little Beach House Malibu is the most intimate of all the LA houses. It’s also ultra-exclusive. Only existing Soho House members with an add-on Malibu Plus membership are invited in. If you can manage an invitation, you’ll be rewarded with views of Carbon and Surfrider beaches. There are plenty of places to work, relax and congregate, from an open air bar to an indoor sitting room and a sun-drenched terrace. During low tide, you can descend the ladder to the sand and take a walk on the beach. 

Soho House for non-members

Can’t wrangle an official invitation for membership? There are two other ways to experience the Soho House brand for yourself. First, enjoy a co-working day at Soho Works. Located in West Hollywood and with the same gorgeous aesthetic as all Soho House properties, Soho Works features meeting rooms, desks, lounge areas and a communal kitchen for creative professionals. Monthly memberships are available in a range of tiers, based on how often you visit and what kind of space you need. Second, Soho Home Studio on Melrose is a furniture and interior design store that features many of the same pieces you’ll find in Soho House properties around the world. Grab a drink from the on-site coffee shop and spend some time picking out furnishings that will make your home feel like a private Soho House. 

Discover your own Southern California getaway

Soho House clubs aren’t the only way to live your best life in Southern California. Pacaso puts luxury second homes within reach in many crave-worthy neighborhoods. Become a co-owner of a professionally designed and decorated property — it’s a place you can call home every time you visit LA.

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