Pacaso offers a blended family a place to call their own in Napa Valley

Published Date: January 6, 2023

Will and Julia family photo at the pool
Will and Julia live in the Bay Area, just south of San Francisco in the communities of Redwood City and Menlo Park, respectively. They each have two teenage children, and they enjoy spending time with their combined family in the quieter, more verdant Napa Valley. “We both have a love of Napa, and we were going up there five or six times a year,” said Will. Over time, we started talking about getting a place there — we were spending a fortune on hotels.” Even though hotels weren’t cheap, a second home in the desirable Napa Valley would come with an even more eye-popping price tag. “Finding a decent place felt financially daunting,” said Will. “Then my cousin sent me an email about Pacaso and said, ‘This is your ticket.’ I went online and saw this amazing home, talked to the sales rep at Pacaso, and talked to Julia.”

Working through the details

Julia had some initial concerns and questions about the Pacaso model. “I hadn't heard of co-ownership, so I was a bit unsure about the idea of owning a home with people you don’t know,” said Julia. But then she and Will came for a tour, and Julia was sold. “I saw the house in person and fell in love right away,” she said. Within two weeks, they had closed on their new Pacaso in St. Helena.Will said that Pacaso’s level of service was an important factor in their purchase, giving him and Julia the confidence to move forward. “From the start to today, working with Pacaso at all levels, everyone has been fantastic. If there’s been an issue, they’ve consistently worked through it and found equitable solutions.” 

The joy of shared home ownership

From their first stay, Will and Julia knew they’d made the right decision. “It was a ‘pinch me’ moment,” said Julia. “I remember thinking, ‘Is this real? Did we really do this?’ And then I said, ‘We’re home!’”Since trading up hotel stays for time at their Pacaso, they can attest to the difference that ownership brings.“Having a piece of something, somewhere, that you can come to and call your own is a wonderful feeling. It’s easy to fall in love with the home and the community,” said Will. And, unlike a hotel, it’s a special gathering place for their loved ones, said Julia. “Being able to come together and make memories with family and friends is one of my favorite parts of owning our Pacaso.”Plus, said Julia, it’s always ready for them when they arrive. “It’s such a benefit being able to come in and have our home be clean and set up with everything we need, and then not having to worry about doing a bunch of cleaning before we leave.”

Life at their Pacaso

Whether they’re spending time at their second home with family, friends or just each other, the experience is one of ease, pleasure and joy. “We live differently when we’re there,” said Will. “We’ll walk downtown to get croissants, then come back and open up the doors to the backyard and the sun will be streaming in — it’s something else.” Julia added, “Whenever we arrive, Will always says, ‘I can feel my blood pressure drop.’ It’s such a good feeling.” They like to walk around the neighborhood, strolling through the forest to enjoy the magnificent redwoods, or walking downtown to have dinner or pick up groceries. “The neighborhood is really friendly. Everyone says hello and good morning — it’s a nice, small-town feel.”And if they’re not up for a walk? “Sometimes we just stay at the pool all weekend to relax and rejuvenate,” said Julia.It was during one of those poolside moments that Will realized how fortunate he and Julia were to have this experience of owning a second home: “I brought a lawn chair down to the pool, put the umbrella up, and was reading an Agatha Christie book, drink in hand — it was beautifully sunny, and Julia was next to me, and I was thinking to myself, ‘If this ain’t why we’re living, I don’t know what is.’ It was just a wonderful moment.”

Find your second home in California wine country

Ready to enrich your life with a second home in Napa Valley? Explore Pacaso listings in Napa and Sonoma, and discover the luxury homes available for co-ownership. 

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