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How Pacaso works

Co-ownership, simplified

We've developed smart technology to modernize and simplify the decades-old practice of DIY co-ownership. Watch our video to learn how buyers become Pacaso owners.

Find your second home with Pacaso

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    Explore our collection of stunning single-family homes in top second home destinations. We'll help you find the perfect fit, and you decide how many shares you'd like to own.

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    We create a property LLC for each home, find and vet co-owners, and handle all the sales details. At closing, the co-owners enjoy 100% ownership of the home – Pacaso does not retain any shares.

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    We take care of furnishings, repairs, utilities and property management – you just show up and relax. Scheduling is easy and equitable with our app and SmartStay™ technology.

Featured homes

Browse our curated selection of wow-worthy listings – homes in the most desirable locations.

Forget timeshares

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Pacaso is true homeownership, not a timeshare. Owners purchase a residential real estate property asset, and then enjoy ongoing access to the home throughout the year. Resale is streamlined, and done in partnership with a local real estate agent at a price set by the seller.


Second homes bring families together

For many families, a second home is a special place to come together and create lasting memories. Hear how Pacaso is enriching the lives of owners.

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Take the next step in buying a second home. We're excited to help you turn this dream into a reality, and we're here to support you with all the information you need to make it happen.


    Buyer FAQs

    • Do I really have ownership in the home?

    • Can I finance my second home purchase?

    • How do I schedule time to use the home?

    • How is this different from a timeshare?