Behind the scenes: Pacaso home makeover

Published Date: July 6, 2023

Living room with modern furnishings and doors that open to a large outdoor space
A second home is a place to enjoy a break from your everyday routine. Comfortable furnishings, standout amenities and beautiful surroundings are key parts of this experience. Transforming a home into a relaxing Pacaso takes a lot of hard work and dedication by our talented team.How do we do a home makeover? The work begins before the owner sets food inside their home — during a process we call onboarding.

Where the magic happens

Onboarding a home means getting a home completely stay-ready for its owners. The process involves multiple members of our Crew, from the design team mocking up designs and procuring the right decor to the home operations team placing furnishings, amenities and supplies where they need to be. 
Making a home Pacaso-worthy is their singular objective. Pacaso-worthy means a second home that is modern and comfortable — a  place where owners don’t feel the need to add anything to feel at home. We accomplish this both through our interior design approach and supplying each home with all the essentials that any owner could want and need. 

The transformation

Once all the finishing touches are in place, we want every owner to feel like they belong. When owners walk into their second home, we want it to take their breath away. They should feel relaxed, comfortable and instantly at ease, knowing all they have to do is show up and enjoy their Pacaso.See how a Palm Springs second home was transformed into a wow-worthy Pacaso in this video.
Find your own beautifully designed second home and experience the Pacaso lifestyle for yourself. See our luxury listings.

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Tony Huynh

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