Say goodbye to buyer’s remorse with Pacaso’s Home Transfer Benefit

Published Date: January 6, 2023

Park City Home
At Pacaso, we want you to enjoy your holiday home for years to come. But if you realise you prefer a different location or amenities, you can take advantage of the Pacaso Home Transfer Benefit™. An alternative to reselling your Pacaso, the transfer benefit allows owners to transfer ownership to another available Pacaso home. 

Flexibility when you need it

We believe that flexibility is core to an outstanding owner experience — especially if your needs or preferences change. The Pacaso Home Transfer Benefit is a one-time benefit offered to you during your first 12 months of ownership. If you decide your Pacaso isn’t the perfect fit for you, you can transfer ownership to another available Pacaso.“When we went to our house for the first time, I loved it. Everything was great, but it wasn't exactly what we were looking for,” said Michele, an owner in Florida who transferred ownership from her Pacaso in Islamorada to one in Key Colony. “We're looking for something with more of a community feel. Islamorada is great for certain things, but I like the community feel in Key Colony — I’ve already made friends. It has a very nice neighborhoody feel.”With this ownership perk, there’s no buyer’s remorse or second thoughts — you can buy your holiday home with confidence. 

Hassle-free benefits

We make it easy for you to transfer ownership should you decide to do so. There is no closing period or transfer fee. The transaction is also tax free and does not impact your taxes (we recommend consulting with a tax professional regarding any real estate purchases or transactions).If you are transferring ownership to a more expensive home, you pay the difference in price. Eligible owners can use our financing partner to finance the difference. When transferring to a less expensive home, you will receive a credit toward your new home’s monthly operating expenses. Ownership transfers take effect immediately, so you can start booking time in your new home right away. After completing a transfer, your stay nights will reset, and the transfer date will be your new ownership anniversary date. “One minute, I'm in the home and we’re filling out some paperwork, and then the next minute I'm in the next home,” Michele said about the transfer process. “It was super easy. I loved that I was able to make a change after spending a little time in one house and then deciding I wanted something a little bit different, a little bit bigger — I am happy with the new home.”

Own with peace of mind

The Pacaso Home Transfer Benefit empowers you to start making memories in your second home right away. Don’t worry about missing out or fearing something better will come along — you have peace of mind knowing you can find the right holiday home for you if your initial purchase isn’t a perfect fit.Michele described how the transfer benefit played into her decision to buy a Pacaso. “It played a big part, knowing that we were going to invest in a property, and, if I didn't like it, we could easily transfer within the first year. We felt like we weren't committed to the one house, and it was easier to go for it and not feel stuck.”Have questions about transferring or reselling your home? Check out our seller and transfer FAQs.

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